Welcome to my website which brings together all my interests. The visitor will find here information about my published books, the book I am writing, and any matters at all connected with my writing – wherever my mind is led on literary matters. It also houses The Edmund Burke Society devoted to the study and promotion of Edmund Burke’s thought. In the following weeks, the information on the subdomain The Edmund Burke Society will be brought across to this site. Also appearing here is my interest in all things Dutch. The contents of the subdomain Gerard’s Holland Diary will be consolidated here shortly under the same title. The transfer is already advanced. Keeping three sites going was an unnecessary division. The same religious, political, social and cultural interests are behind all my writing.

Christmas dinner in the backyard 

The cover photo is of a classic Australian Christmas scene. It’s one of my favourite photos from my childhood taken by my dad in December 1951. The Bert Wilson clan was gathered in my grandparents’ backyard in Baldry Street, Chatswood.


Tony Abbot and the Times of Revolution.
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Reorganizing the Winterbine Series. Information here.


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