Welcome to my websites. Yes, there are two websites – a primary website (this one) and a subdomain The Edmund Burke Society (Aust) Inc.  When I set up my websites, I thought I should separate my commentaries on The Edmund Burke Society website from my book writing activities. It has, however, been a false separation because my writing about the political philosophy of Edmund Burke is inextricably connected with my book writing. As I have explained in my short and long biographies, two of the biggest influences on my writing are my Catholic faith – its cultural aspect as well as its centuries old teaching – and the philosophy of Edmund Burke, both in the context of the upbringing I enjoyed.

So the visitor will find on this website information about my published books, the book I am currently writing, and any matters at all connected with my writing – wherever my mind is led on literary matters.  The difference now is that I will occasionally post a link to a blog on the Edmund Burke Society website which will either be explications of Edmund Burke’s thought or commentaries on current social and political matters.

My latest publication is the 2017 extensively revised In This Vale of Tears, the second book in the Winterbine Trilogy. See my books page for more information about the revision and its new cover.

My previous release was Prison Hulk to Redemption: Part One of a Family History 1788-1900 (Jan 2016). This book is the first of a series of four books in which I trace the family history against the social and political background of the period. My object is to trace cultural continuities and explore identities to arrive at what it means to be an Australian and what Australia is as a nation.

I have interrupted my family history project to write a book about the political career of Tony Abbott: TONY ABBOTT: IDEOLOGICAL LIGHTNING ROD. I am well on the way with this latest project and hope to have it ready for publication at the end of the year. More information will be on the my books page.


The cover photo is of the Lane Cove gang taken in the summer of 1949/50. From left Christine and John Allison, Michael Wilson, Peter Allison, me, and Marie Wilson holding Narelle Wilson. The Lane Cove gang will feature in the third and fourth books of my family history series.

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