Update – reorganizing my websites

This website – gerardcharleswilson.com – presents my books, discussions about writing, and the processes of publishing.

The key issues of Australian society, and Western Civilization in general are the focus of my fiction and non-fiction writing. My nonfiction books describe the thread of decay running through Western Society; my novels explore that thread in an historical setting.

In fiction, I write in the genre of the historical novel. My stories are social and political, interwoven with relationships that are critical to the plot. They take place against the historical background of the second half of the twentieth century (focus on 1960-1975) and the first decades of the 21st century. The historical references are clear.

My non-fiction books are about political and social issues. My family history series is as much about the social and political aspects of Australian society as it is about my family.

By far, the majority of novels published in Australia assume a materialist philosophical framework. I am among a small number of novelists assuming a realist, conservative philosophical framework.

For discussions about Edmund Burke, the business of government, conservatism as a political philosophy, and the philosophical questions of state and society, go to my Edmund Burke Society website.

All comment on social and political issues will now appear entirely on my Edmund Burke Society website. Political comments on my primary website will be transferred to the Edmund Burke Society website if they are still current.

Change of series title

I have changed the title of my series of novels from CONCILIAR to SIXTIES because the series, as it has developed, has become more about the society and politics of the 1960s revolution (1960-1975) than about the Conciliar Church which is a part of the Sixties revolution. The next two titles, THE DREAM BECOMES A NIGHTMARE and A SENSE OF LOSS will continue the focus on the upheaval within Australian society.