Academia rotten with feminist unreason

Fighting academia’s feminist tentacles

– Perth exercise scientist leads the charge.


As the toxic sludge of feminist claptrap seeps through the academic world, there are many principled researchers grinding their teeth at this blatant ideology and poor scholarship. Most don’t dare put their head above the parapet. But now there’s a lone warrior calling it out, well aware he is likely to implode his academic career in the process.

James Nuzzo (pronounced ‘NEW zo’) is a Perth-based exercise scientist who grew up in rural Pennsylvania keen on sports and weight-lifting. A high school anatomy and physiology course inspired him ultimately to pursue a PhD on the neuroscience of strength training at the University of NSW, followed by several successful years researching the physiology of muscle strength and fatigue. He’s currently affiliated with Edith Cowan University, busily churning out academic articles on topics like exercise neurophysiology, physical fitness testing, the history of exercise research and strength training equipment, and sex differences in exercise preferences and performance.

Men’s health has also been one of his key interests and he wasn’t happy to see his discipline infiltrated by gender ideologues whining about women missing out while totally ignoring the health outcomes of boys and men.

He came across one article which took this bias to a whole new level. A bunch of mainly female exercise physiology students from UNSW cooked up the dubious argument that “gender-based violence is a blind spot for sports and exercise medical professionals.” That was the title of their journal article  published in Sports Medicine, an article which could be used as a primer for feminist tunnel-vision.  

The ideologues started off with a position statement from the peak American sports medicine body alerting healthcare providers to the health impacts of sexual violence. But then they did a neat pivot, without any explanation, to devote their entire article to regurgitating all the usual dogma about gender-based intimate partner violence (IPV). All the familiar cherry-picked data is there showing women as the only victims – the only mention of men referred to their “socially determined privilege,” an alleged cause of violence against women. No mention of young male victims of abuse by coaches or fellow athletes, of which there have been plenty, nor of lesbian perpetrators of abuse (lesbians top the chart of rates of IPV). And not one word about the decades of research showing men and women are victims of IPV at roughly equal rates.

Nuzzo set out to put them straight, seeking to get the true facts published in a letter in Sports Medicine. And he succeeded, but only after nearly a year of back and forth with the journal. It helped that he combined forces with Deborah Powney, the University of Central Lancashire psychologist doing work on male victims of coercive control, and John Barry, from the Centre for Male Psychology in London.

It was revealing that Sports Medicine took the unusual step of submitting the letter to peer review but, amazingly the three reviewers all concurred with the critique by Nuzzo and his co-authors. Next, the original authors were given a chance to respond – but after months, they declined that option. So ultimately the letter was published – one small victory for proper scientific inquiry.  

Their published comment proved it was the UNSW academics who had the blind spot, by providing a summary of some of the best research showing equal gender rates of IPV victimization, which also applied in sports environments.

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Woolworths – Treachery Betrayal

I posted an important comment on the Edmund Burke Society website about Woolworths’ political decision to get rid of Australia Day merchandise.

It was a contemptible decision to support the minority activists who want to eliminate all cultural and historical reference to the founding of the Australian nation by the settlers who arrived in Sydney Cove on the First Fleet on 26th January 1788.

Transgenderism: An intolerant godless religion

Helen Joyce’s book TRANS: WHEN IDEOLOGY MEETS REALITY is not before is time. She discusses the detail with Henrik Beckhein.


Helen Joyce: Trans is a godless neo-religion. Gender identity, ideology and drag show story hour.

How gender identity conquered the world and what it means for women, children, gay people and the sporting community

‘There are few subjects which need treatment that is at once delicate, thoughtful and brave. Helen Joyce manages all of these things in Trans. Anyone looking to understand this most fraught of issues should start here.’ Douglas Murray, author of The Madness of Crowds

Gender identity ideology is about more than twitter storms and using the right pronouns. In just ten years, laws, company policies, school and university curricula, sport, medical protocols, and the media have been reshaped to privilege self-declared gender identity over biological sex.

People are being shamed and silenced for attempting to understand the consequences of redefining ‘man’ and ‘woman’. While compassion for transgender lives is well-intentioned, it is stifling much-needed inquiry into the significance of our bodies, particularly with regard to women’s rights, fairness in sport, same sex attraction and children’s development.

If we recommit to our liberal values of freedom of belief, freedom of speech and robust debate, we stand a chance of addressing what is at stake.

TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality Helen Joyce


It is now almost eighteen months since my son, Roger, and I completed our trip up through northwestern New South Wales to find where our colonial Wilson and Jones Ancestors lived and worked. James Joseph Wilson arrived in Sydney in 1827 and Michael Jones in 1829. Both were convicts. Their free settler wives, Jane and Elizabeth Harris, came from a small village in Wiltshire.

It was the trip of a lifetime, a trip that I’m probably too old to do again.

Of course, we were a couple of rank amateurs as far as making videos went. And viewing the results no television station will be running after us. However, despite our amateur efforts we are more than happy with the results. We achieved what we set out to do. We set out to trace our family history, not only for ourselves, but for Australians with similar family background.

The experiences of our family and like-families were, and are, an important part of Australia’s history. Indeed, they were the starting point of the Australian nation. Without them, there would be no Australian nation. It’s a part of Australia’s history that an elite class is now desperate to erase.

I hope the six episodes of our discoveries will spur other Australians to go and find themselves and Australia in a similar expedition. You won’t regret it.








Recommended books

Socially and politically oriented Youtube channels often interview authors of books that have captured the reading public’s attention.

The books below attracted my attention because they give powerful arguments and evidence against the Woke class’s condemnation of Western Civilization.

The final two by Timothy Gordon and his wife, Stephanie, are so ‘out there’ on the fringes for most conservatives that they will not consider them. The books, however, restate age-old beliefs about men’s natural leadership and women’s role as organizer of the domestic sphere.

I intend to add to the list whenever I came across book of similar interest.

Against Decolonization: Campus Culture Wars and the Decline of the West, Doug Stokes

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, Helen Joyce

Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning, Nigel Biggar

The Case for Colonialism, Bruce Gilley

Feminism Against Progress, Mary Harrington

The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us, Carrie Gress

Occult Feminism: The Secret History of Women’s Liberation, Rachel Wilson


The Case for Patriarchy – Timothy Gordon

Ask Your Husband: A Wife’s Guide to True Femininity, Mrs Timothy. J. Gordon

The feminist attack on boys’ schools continues

The woke class has another prestigious boys’ school in their sights. The Newington School Council, who decides such matters, has been infested with the woke devil and have announced in their demonic delirium the co-education of Newington Boys’ College.

The man-hating woke devil is hell-bent on feminizing all remaining boys’ schools in Australia. The degradation of boys who need a completely different education from girls continues. The elite feminist class must be licking their catty lips in anticipation.

As an exercise for people mildly surprised by this issue one should research how many boys’ schools have been feminized (made co-ed) since the 1960s and then inquire how many girls’ school have admitted boys. Make no mistake: feminists are behind the campaign. Girls, according to feminists, will civilize the boys, thus reducing the toxicity of the male in society.

If one completes the exercise they will find that what were some of the finest boys’ schools are now in an emasculated state. I have occasion to walk by Barkers College at Waitara, once a brilliant boys’ school. I have to sake my head in sorrow when I see the constitution of the student body.

On the other hand, I cannot think of one prestigious girls’ school that has suffered the same fate. Go and count the girls’ schools on the Northshore line – all in their original female state. The councils of those girls’ school don’t want their girls subject to male contagion.

I hope the parents of Newington boys don’t give up. Indeed, they should agitate to sack the disgusting perfidious people who presently make up the council.


Parents at $40k-a-year Newington College erupt at gates: ‘Woke mumbo jumbo’

Furious parents and former students have rallied outside one of Sydney’s most prestigious schools to condemn its decision to start accepting girls.

Heath Parkes-Hupton,, January 31, 2024

A barrister whose son attends a prestigious Sydney boys’ school set to go co-ed has labelled the reasoning offered to parents as “woke mumbo jumbo” at a protest held on the first day of class for 2024.

Newington College, a 160-year-old institution at Stanmore in the city’s inner west, announced in November it would start accepting girls into kindergarten and Year 5 from 2026.

The call has sparked anger within the community of old boys and parents, with a few dozen people marching to the Stanmore Rd entrance holding placards on Wednesday morning.

Students walk past signs protesting against Newington College’s decision to start accepting girls from 2026. Picture: Richard Dobson

Students walk past signs protesting against Newington College’s decision to start accepting girls from 2026. Picture: Richard Dobson

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Antoinette Lattouf: A portrait

The report below reveals that if anyone is impressed with Antoinette’s beauty, cleverness, and ability it’s her. These insufferable young women whose sense of entitlement knows no bounds…


‘Nobody can fire me’: ABC host Antoinette Lattouf before exit

A sacked ABC journo made an extraordinary claim just weeks before she was let go for her controversial posts about Israel and Gaza.

Chloe Whelan,, 22 January 2024

Axed journalist Antoinette Lattouf bragged she “could not be fired” over her views on Israel and Gaza just days before signing an ill-fated agreement with the ABC.

Ms Lattouf was dismissed in late December, three days into a five-day hosting gig on the ABC’s Radio Sydney morning show.

She says she was axed due to her political views on the Israel and Gaza war, as well as her Lebanese heritage, while the ABC claims it was because Ms Lattouf was warned not to share controversial social media posts while working for the national broadcaster but continued to do so.

Ms Lattouf said, as an independent journo, “nobody can fire me”. Picture: Instagram.

Ms Lattouf said, as an independent journo, “nobody can fire me”. Picture: Instagram.

She claims to have been fired by the ABC in December. Picture: Instagram.

She claims to have been fired by the ABC in December. Picture: Instagram.

Now, it’s been revealed Ms Lattouf believed she couldn’t be fired in her capacity as a freelance journalist and didn’t look kindly upon publications that didn’t want to work with her due to her pro-Palestine beliefs.

On November 24, just three days before signing on to work for the ABC, Ms Lattouf shared a three-minute video to social media, praising journalists who had signed an open letter calling for newsrooms to treat unverified information from Israel’s government or terror group Hamas with the same “professional scepticism”.

She threw her weight behind the letter and declared: “As an independent and freelance journalist, nobody can fire me”.

Ms Lattouf then laughed and said: “I will certainly be using my voice and sharing my concerns.

“I have thought about future job prospects, so if somebody doesn’t want to work with me because I care about dozens of journalists who have been slaughtered by doing their work, because I care about the thousands and thousands of children who have been killed and civilians harmed … then honestly f**k them.”

Ms Lattouf hosted ABC radio in the week before Christmas. Picture: Instagram.

Ms Lattouf hosted ABC radio in the week before Christmas. Picture: Instagram.

The ABC says Ms Lattouf was let go due to her social media activity, which included — before she was employed by the national broadcaster — repeatedly questioning whether videos of pro-Palestinian protesters chanting “gas the Jews” at Sydney’s Opera House were verified.

On December 20, she shared a post from Human Rights Watch that read: “The Israeli government is using starvation of civilians as a weapon of war in Gaza.”

It was the latter post, shared on Ms Lattouf’s third day working for the ABC, that saw her employment terminated.

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Support Susanne Horman – Robinsons Bookshop owner

Susanne Horman, owner of the Robinsons Bookshop chain, gave her first interview to Andrew Bolt, following the vicious, wokist, left-wing attack on her sparked by a series of tweets. To be fully in the picture, one must see the tweets in full:

‘What’s missing from our bookshelves in store? Positive male lead characters of any age, any traditional nuclear family stories, kids picture books with just white kids on the cover, and in which no wheelchair, rainbow, or indigenous art, non-indig aus history.’

‘Books we don’t need: hate against white Australians, socialist agenda, equity over equality, diversity and inclusion (READ as anti-white exclusion) left wing govt propaganda. Basically the whole woke agenda that divides people. Not stocking any of these in 2024.’

‘So I am advocating for a substantial shift in the focus of Australian publishers to be in line with public opinion and requests for what is GOOD! We aren’t going to stock books that intend to cause harm and make Australians hate each other.’

From a sales and marketing point of view, this is a true analysis of the sorts of books publishers are releasing and of what’s lacking in the market. I spent most of my working life in the book industry – mainly with publishers. Susanne’s tweets are the sort of analysis sales and marketing people engage in daily. What’s selling? What’s not selling? What type of book is flooding the market? What gaps are there in the market?

I’ve been at sales meetings where the critical language is far more frank and colloquial than Susanne’s.

What really is the issue here, is the political control the wokist gatekeepers have on the book market. There have been instances in recent years where a publisher’s editorial staff has refused to work on a manuscript the publisher has contracted. One of Jordan Peterson’s book suffered that fate. The bookshops can be just as bad. Many US booksellers refused to stock Candace Owen’s book “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.” Read the case HERE.

The problem here – an astonishing irony – is that the instruments of information dissemination (publishers and booksellers) are censoring themselves on the basis of ideology. I suppose when a nation’s educational establishments become unbending purveyors of rigid ideology, the publishers and booksellers will go the same way.

Andrew Bolt’s interview sadly shows a bookshop owner battered and bruised. She needs our support and we need to support a bookshop that remains true to its social function in a liberal democratic society.