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Editing Constancy: A Jane Austen Story

Mabel Winston is the non-fiction Publishing Director in an international publishing house. She is attractive, confident, stylish, a little aloof but appealing. Her personal relationships begin to fall apart when she comes across Raf Cannane whom she has not seen for some years.

Released 1 January 2021.

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Times of Distress: A Story of Unswerving Faith and Commitment

Book One of a new six book series
Fr Jos van Engelen, a Dutch missionary priest, is recalled to Holland at the outbreak of World War II to battle suspected subversive elements within his order. He is drawn into covert operations by British intelligence during which he is betrayed. At the end of the war, circumstances bring him into contact with Truus van den Donker and her occultist husband. It’s the beginning of a lasting relationship with Truus and a struggle with the occultist husband and their daughter Gerda. The conflict within his order continues in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. Series title: The Conciliar Series.

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Publication: 31 October 2020.

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A Very Odd Romance
A Novel

Paul Summers is not sure what he is, but whatever he is, he finds himself falling in love with Persefony Sticks who is determined to lead him to the divine feminine. Around this odd coupling circles a band of media people and lawyers pursuing clerical sexual abusers. Persefony and partner Haydies drag Paul as a victim into this frenzy of activity. It does not go as Persefony plans.

Published August 2020

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Feelings Die Not in Silence
Book 2 Conciliar Series

Description here

Due July 2021


Descent into Hades: A Spiritual Journey
Book 3 Conciliar Series

Due January 2022



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IN THIS VALE OF TEARS and THE CASTLE OF HEAVENLY BLISS have been withdrawn from publication. They will be extensively rewritten, split into individual stories, and then expanded to form part of the new CONCILIAR SERIES of six to eight books (at least six). The new titles will be released in 2021 and 2022.

Writer … and still in the fifties