Results AncestryDNA test, one of the best known websites for family history research, offers to reveal your ancestry by testing your DNA. I received one of their DNA kits as a present. I followed the simple instructions and sent in my sample. Today I received the results. It contained no real surprise. It was in line with the results of the research for my family tree. Here’s the breakdown of where I came from:

63%   Great Britain
18%   Ireland
9%    Europe West
10%   Trace regions (negligible trace elements of different regions)

It is amusing that today’s native Briton has an average of 60% British DNA while I, all the way across the other side of the world with ancestors going back to the First Fleet,  have a higher content than average.



A 2016 undertaking

I am amazed at the blogging ability of some aspirant writers. Indeed, some don’t restrict themselves to blogging. In addition to writing reviews of a staggering number of read books, talking about their writing and recommending books old and new, they are furious ‘vloggers’.

I had no idea what a vlogger was when I first came across the word. Following the Facebook page of one of these untiring bloggers and vloggers cleared up the mystery. A vlogger is one who does video commentary.  I have nothing but admiration for someone who can stand (or sit) before a camera and without any noticeable self-consciousness talk sensibly about one’s writing and reading.  At my age, when brain speed is slowing at a distressing rate, I won’t ever contemplate embarrassing myself before a camera. Blogging is another matter.

Just about all advice one can read on the internet about promoting one’s writing says that an essential promotional tool is making regular comments about one’s writing.   That makes sense, of course. My trouble is that I don’t often have the time or the energy to keep up any regular commentary – as is obvious from a casual survey of my website. I find the writing process too demanding. I spent two years researching and writing my just published PRISION HULK TO REDEMPTION. I just had to give my head a rest at times. There is also the added responsibility of maintaining another website which as President of the website’s organization I gladly do.

Nevertheless, it is my firm undertaking this year to write regularly about my writing and reading activities. There is so much of my reading that I think will be of interest to those sharing a love of books and writing.