Your despicable ABC

The ABC (the government-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation) ran an unprecedented three-part documentary on the Catholic Church titled REVELATION. It took up an astonishing four and a half hours of viewing time. My prediction about its content and purpose turns out to be pretty right. (See ‘Revelation’ – The ABC poised to wallp the Catholic Church). I will leave a full analysis to a later time.

I predicted Ferguson and her fellow bigots would ‘drag’ Cardinal Pell into it ‘in some form’. They certainly did that. Cardinal Pell was the focus of part three where ‘new’ charges were given a Milligan treatment. In other words, they were presented in hysterical, question-begging, manipulative tendentiousness. The ‘boy’ running the charges was, as expected, brought to tears. The trouble was that the ‘new’ was a lie. The ‘new’ charges have already been run and dismissed. The shamelessness of the ABC in this case is unprecedented (there’s that word again).

The lawyers and the rest of the team acting on behalf of this ‘new’ complainant should know that we are ready for it. At least, we who don’t have the backing of a billion-dollar outfit are ready for it. You will not have as free a run as with the choirboy team. You make claims. You have to back them with solid evidence instead on relying on the Pell lynch mob whose actions in their full extent are yet to be fully investigated.

The three programs of REVELATION constitute a major assault on Cardinal Pell and the Catholic Church by the Marxist clique running the ABC in pursuit of their Marxist agenda. The timing of the broadcast was no accident. It has all the appearance of an attempt to influence the Justices of the High Court in their deliberation over the Pell appeal.

How does the clique get away with it? The ABC is run by a board and a managing director, isn’t it? In name only. The Marxist clique (Gerard Henderson talks of a group of soviets) has hijacked the ABC and gives the bare-bum to any direction or plan that does not suit them. The evidence is there. By law, the ABC is required to be balanced and to reflect a diversity (a real diversity) of views. It does nothing of the sort and has not done so for years – let’s say decades. The Marxist clique breaks the law with impunity. The Great Train Robbers got away with a heist of a mere two and half million pounds. Chicken feed. The ABC clique shows what a real heist is. A billion dollars is not easily topped.