What types were behind the many charges against Cardinal Pell?

A Facebook page supporting Cardinal Pell claimed:

‘The man who accused George Pell of abuse at a camp in 2002 was a convicted drug felon. The men who accused Pell of inappropriate behavior at the pool were convicted drug felons. The deceased choir boy whose name has been dragged into the sordid tale by the latest accuser was a convicted drug felon (heroin dealer, in his case).

They could have added that the accuser has serious psychological difficulties. Despite the suppression order on the accuser’s identity and background, that much at least has become known.

It’s inevitable that more will come out. The state apparatus preventing unpleasant information about the whole Pell case cannot cover it up indefinitely. Like the Dreyfus case, the sordid story of injustice will become known even if it takes some years.

Some of us will never rest until it is all out in the open.