The Pell lynch mob is off Rumbling again

The news reports of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse gave me the impression it was a Royal Commission into George Pell who they all knew was as guilty as hell of covering up all the sexual abuse cases from the colonial period to his disgusting neglect and cover-up in the Ballarat diocese. That Cardinal Pell was a mere assistant priest at the time has nothing to do with it.

Witnessing the naked aggression with which Cardinal Pell was interrogated was eye-popping. I wonder now why the interrogators did not put the cardinal under a spotlight borrowed from the MCG to squeeze the guilt out if him.

The interrogations provided a wonderful time for Pell-haters watching with their crisps and gin tonics the prolonged torture of that hateful bit of Catholic rubbish.

Louise Milligan and her feminist cronies at your ABC awaited the unredacted papers papers of the Royal Commission with slavering anticipation. The High Court unjust verdict declaring Cardinal Pell innocent would be overturned. And so they saw it happen. They could not contain themselves writhing with pleasure and blowing their tops in the media bubble they inhabit. Monica Doumit of the Catholic Weekly provides some perspective for those who have not lost their minds

Monica Doumit: Misplaced blame for horrific abuse

By Monica Doumit -May 7, 2020

Look closer, the cardinal’s actions speak for themselves

The long-awaited unredacted Royal Commission reports for the Diocese of Ballarat and the Archdiocese of Melbourne were released today.

The abuse that occurred in Victoria is horrific, and the damage done in Ballarat simply criminal.  Nothing can detract from that.

But again, it seems that there is a desire to blame it all on one man.  Although the unredacted portions dealt with a number of people, the media focus has been exclusively, and unsurprisingly, on Cardinal George Pell.  The banner across the ABC report has labelled them “the Pell Papers.”

Despite the media interest that will develop over the next couple of days, the reports – which together comprise some 800 pages – tell us very little that we did not already know.  In this piece, I’d like to break down the key findings as they relate to Cardinal Pell and provide just a little bit of commentary on each.

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