The left: Morally right defeats factually right

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Democrat member of the US House of Representatives. She has achieved a deserved notoriety for her unblushing Green-Left views. Recently she was reported as saying, ‘I think there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.’

Whether AOC (as she is referred to) was correctly quoted or not is not my concern here. The declaration certainly belongs to the AOC drift of mind. No, whoever said it, it is a recognizable emanation of the Green-Left mind. Being morally right for this mind, is being in line with Green-left dogma.

One does not arrive at Green-Left dogma by way of the operations of reason. Green-Left dogma is handed down from on high, where the swirling emotions of the Green-Left elite make the dogmatic declarations.

The distinctive element of the Green-Left worldview, however, is the prescriptive enforcement of their dogma. This is to be done without mercy. Departure from the dogma on such issues as sexuality, same-sex marriage, gender theory, and Transgenderism leads to the destruction of careers and lives. The examples are myriad and multiplying. Few have been more forceful in their contradiction of the magisterium of the Green-Left than Cardinal George Pell.

The reward for the Cardinal doing his job of defending his faith – the faith of any orthodox Catholic – was a course of unrelenting persecution over more than thirty years. That persecution reached its objective in the greatest miscarriage of justice in Australian history. Cardinal Pell was found guilty of child abuse without any corroboration of the complainant’s charges.

But corroboration was not needed. The jurors felt that Cardinal Pell was guilty. The jurors felt that the complainant was credible. There was no need to address the screaming inconsistencies in the complainant’s accusations – the thirteen serious problems in prosecution’s case that Bret Walker QC outlined in the Appeal case. Pell was guilty of far more than the abuse of two thirteen-year-old boys. It was right that he be found guilty and put in jail.

One of those unable to control his hatred for Cardinal Pell said the following in a rant outside the courts when the guilty verdict was announced.

George Pell is a freak, is a monster. He can rot in Hell. If he believes what he preaches, and he preaches there is a Heaven and Hell, well, he’s going to burn in Hell. He’s a freak. He’s a paedophile. He has destroyed the Victorian community. The Catholics in Victoria, we demand he be excommunicated from the Church…

That rant was run approvingly throughout the mainstream media, most of whom felt with the jurors that Cardinal Pell and his views were beyond excusable and warranted obliteration.