I will include here links to those I think most interesting. I head the list with Janice’s video of her 100th episode in which she reviews the themes of her videos. At the top of the list will be the latest episode.

NOTICE: Youtube in a gigantic act of censorship removed all Janice Fiamengo’s powerful videos, including those listed below. They can be found now on Studio Brule Archive on Odysee.

The Fiamengo File 100 – All Anti-Feminism, All The Time, 4 April 2019

Feminists Do Gymnastics Over Reports of Hamas Rape (, 27 Oct 2023

AI Girlfriends and “Rage Rabbit Holes” – by Janice Fiamengo (, 17 Oct 2023

The Empress Jenni Hermoso Has No Clothes (, 13 September 2023

(497) All The Dissident Men – The Fiamengo File Episode 130 – YouTube, Episode 130, 8 May 2021

(497) Feminism Ruins Sport – The Fiamengo File Episode 129 – YouTube, Episode 129, 27 April 2021

Man Forced to Pay Alimony to Ex-Girlfriend

Feminists Slander Australian Firefighters and All Men – TFF Episode 114, 7 February 2020

Issues of manliness