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Antoinette Lattouf – another self-absorbed Gen Zed prima donna

Antoinette Lattouf, described as an ‘author and broadcaster’, was sacked by the ABC for unacceptable social media posts. The Guardian tells the story thus far HERE.

Now, Antoinette wasn’t happy with the decision. A blast of accusations followed which not unexpectedly accused the ABC of racism, in particular, anti-Arab racism.

Antoinette was ready with her rhetoric of white-anti-people-of-colour narrative because she had already favoured the public with her views in her book How to Lose Friends and Influence White People ‘which examines systematic racism in the media.’

Antoinette then issued an unlawful termination claim against the ABC. But she wasn’t finished yet. There was the option of legal action. News.com.au reported yesterday that Broadcaster Antoinette Lattouf expands ABC complaint to include claim the national broadcaster is ‘racist’. The report by Samantha Maiden retells the story and adds the legal action she has taken.

Lo and behold!

Antoinette has got Josh Bornstein of law firm Maurice Blackburn taking up the cudgel for her. The ABC should take notice because Josh has form in this sort of thing.

I’m thinking of one particular case in which Josh was triumphant for a person who was – and probably still is – as anti-Australian and anti-white as someone just … I won’t finish that because Josh might come after me. I can’t afford a shakedown. Let me leave it at this: his triumph represents a legal farce that should dismay all Australians.

The following is what Josh said about Antoinette’s case as reported by Maiden:

“The claim has now been amended to reflect that Antoinette Lattouf alleges that she was sacked by the ABC because she expressed a political opinion and also because of her race. Since October 7 and the ensuing conflict in the Middle East, it has become notorious in the media industry that Arab and Muslim journalists are being intimidated, censored and sacked,” Mr Bornstein said.

“In this case we will show that the ABC has not sacked white journalists for expressing political opinion, even where those journalists worked in news and current affairs. Antoinette’s role at the ABC was not a news or current affairs role. She shared four posts during her employment and was told that sharing the Human Rights Watch post was somehow a breach of the ABC’s social media policy.

“Then she was suddenly and humiliatingly sacked.

“We are seeking a detailed, public apology and compensation for harm to reputation and for distress and humiliation. In addition, Antoinette will seek an order that the ABC offer her a commensurate role back on air, as she is passionate about the importance of a representative public broadcaster. Finally, we are also seeking the imposition of penalties on the ABC to deter it from repeating this conduct.”

If Josh prevails in this case – the case of a self-absorbed Gen Zed prima donna – then the ordinary person should wonder how much protection he has against Australia’s legal system.

A triumph might be self-satisfying for Josh, but it might also be a Pyrrhic victory for Antoinette. Have you considered that, Josh? How employable would Antoinette be?

Mark Latham settles law suit

Lawyers Maurice Blackburn (who ‘fight for fair’) recently produced a statement about the settlement of one of their high profile reputation-boosting cases. They announced:

A settlement has been reached in the case of Osman Faruqi v Mark Latham, with Mr Latham removing offensive statements made about Mr Faruqi as well as agreeing to pay him damages plus legal costs…

Mr Latham made the offensive comments about Mr Faruqi on 2 August 2017 in a video posted to Mark Latham’s Outsiders Webpage, YouTube, the Rebel Media webpage, and a post on Facebook.

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