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Stealthing – what is that?

Recently a link appeared on my internet feed to an accusation of rape against Bruce Lehrmann. My first reaction without following the link was, ‘Here we go again.’

Poor Bruce Lehrmann. He was smashed up and down the country by the usual crowd of man-hating feminists, inside and outside the media, until Channel 7’s Spotlight program and Bettina Arndt’s commentary shot so many holes in the Higgins case that it fell into a ragged heap.

Of course, tearing apart Brittany Higgins’ case makes no difference to our constantly triggered man-hating feminists. Their world of unreason and fantasy is unassailable. Now they have a second Lehrmann case to process through their tempestuous spiteful emotions.

The link was to a report by well-known journalist Samantha Maiden, Bruce Lehrmann met Toowoomba woman at strip club before rape, police allege. As short as the report is (including an unfavourable reference to the Higgins case), it is enough to show that when more detail becomes available, it will be just as unbelievable as the Higgins case. Which won’t matter a jot to that crowd of feminists in the advanced stages of possession by man-hatred.

There is, however, more to this case than a concocted story. In his comment , Unprotected Sex, Queensland Style, Paul Collits gives a glimpse of the irrational man-hatred infesting all places where feminists have a hold. Who has heard of ‘stealthing’. Not most men, I would suggest. Most men have no idea of what hatred shadows their actions.


Unprotected Sex, Queensland Style


How to regulate the amoral generation which inhabits a hook-up culture?  Well, as the media reports, Queensland – yes, Yvette Death, again! – is about to take on the dastardly act of “stealthing”.  Yes, there is a verb, to stealth. 

It has nothing to do with bombers.  But it does have something to do with weaponising.  It is about turning unprotected sex (sex without a condom, let alone love or romance) into “rape”.  It is not without irony that Julian Assange, who knows a little about this very charge – in his case, in Sweden in 2010 – was born in the Sunshine State.

Coincidentally, at the very time that Queensland is ramping up the me-tooist-driven war on unregulated congress, that ogre of the feminist industrial complex, Bruce Lehrmann, is back on the front pages, being accused yet again of rape.  Yes, rape.  Assangian rape.  Queensland rape.  Sex without the magic plastic.  At least I think that is what he has, this time, been accused of.  As per media reports, this is the story of an alcohol- and cocaine-addled, strip-club attending accuser who discovered, weeks after the alleged subsequent sexual event and without apparently even knowing the name or identity of her stealth bombing bed-partner.  Until she saw his picture on the internet during a discussion of the Brittany Higgins case. 

Who then duly trotted off to the police.  Clearly someone, it would appear from the reported lead-up events, for whom affirmative consent (and self-control) isn’t a huge deal.  (All this supposedly happened in Toowoomba, of all places). 

Bruce Lehrmann met Toowoomba woman at strip club before rape, police allege

Bruce Lehrmann has denied the allegations, now charges.  His identity had been suppressed until recently passed Queensland legislation helpfully allowed police and media to name and, all over again, shame him.

So, what is stealthing about, and why is it in the news?  Here is The Guardian:

Removing a condom during sex without consent will be considered rape and attract a maximum penalty of life in prison under sweeping laws introduced to Queensland parliament on Wednesday [11 October].

The new laws, aimed at criminalising the tampering with or removal of a condom without consent – commonly referred to as stealthing – will be introduced into parliament as part of an affirmative consent model.

Queensland to make stealthing illegal under new affirmative consent laws

Yes, life!  A longer sentence than for murder.  For child molesting.  Stop laughing, this is serious.  Apparently.

Read the rest here …