Subverting State and Church

For years, many of us have recognize the effort by radicals to replace our traditional Western Society and the universal Church with Marxist schemes of their manufacture. The work is almost complete. Marxist ideas, or derivative ideas, have capture all organs of society. Here, Archbishop Vigano talks about the infiltration of the Catholic Church by those who scarcely hide their program of subversion any longer.


Abp. Viganò: Both society and Church ‘infiltrated’ by people who want to ‘destroy’ these institutions

Archbishop Viganò noted how Archbishop Lefebvre ‘was one of the few, very few prelates who wanted to denounce the conciliar revolution, understanding its subversive nature,’ an intervention which is now understood.

LifeSiteNews, Mon Apr 11, 2022

(LifeSiteNews) – Editor’s note: The following is a translation of an interview Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave to Dr. Armando Manocchia for the Italian TV channel “Canale Italia,” April 2, 2022.

Dr. Armando Manocchia: Beginning with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), Masonic infiltrations within the Catholic Church have become increasingly substantial. Progressivism and relativism have been employed as weapons to undermine fidelity to Tradition. Did Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated by John Paul II in 1988, therefore sense that Catholicism was on the brink of the abyss?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: Certainly. Archbishop Lefebvre was one of the few, very few prelates who wanted to denounce the conciliar revolution, understanding its subversive nature. And I say “who wanted” because many other prelates understood that a real revolution was underway. Some saw it as a danger, others saw it as a “springtime of the Church.” But among those who saw the danger, almost no one knew how to denounce it openly. Today we understand the historical merit of Archbishop Lefebvre in having rebelled against the line dictated by the conciliar politburo and having created the premises for a return of the Church to the doctrine and Holy Mass of all time.

DrManocchia: Could the St. Gallen Mafia be considered as a sort of ecclesiastical World Economic Forum?

Archbishop Viganò: If we identify the World Economic Forum as a private lobby that has placed its followers in the most important posts of national and international public institutions in order to impose the globalist agenda against the will of the citizens, it is certainly fitting to see a parallel with the St. GallenMafia. In a similar way, this cabal of conspirators also placed its agents in the Roman Curia and in the peripheral organs of the Church, just as it imposed the conciliar agenda against the will of the faithful. But just as there is not only theWorld Economic Forum in the public sphere, so there is not only the St. Gallen Mafia in the ecclesiastical sphere.

We are facing a global coup that involves both civil society and the Church. Both are infiltrated and controlled by characters who use their power and the authority that derives from it, not for the purposes of the institutions they govern, but in order to destroy them. This crisis of authority must be denounced, because the action of those who have reached the highest levels of leadership both of nations and of the Church is a subversive and criminal act.

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