Reorganizing my websites is not finished

Despite the seemingly definitive announcement about my websites in the previous post, I have continued to consider how best to display my intellectual interests. Perhaps I flatter myself that anyone is interested. Nevertheless, I continue to reflect on the issue for my own satisfaction. I look on my websites as a diary.

The latest is that I am now considering a third website that will concentrate solely on my books and writing, and the processes of publishing.

Over twenty-five years, I have read many books on writing, editing, and publishing, watched many more videos on the same subjects, and used the editing programs Grammarly and ProwritingAid. I now have a list of twelve books with a thirteenth in the writing. I have had a lot of experience as an Indie publisher. My knowledge might be of service to those considering the route of self-publishing.

The format of the proposed website will be entirely different from the present format. This website will revert to a particular category of social issues with no change to the format. Stay tuned for developments.