Readers’ comments Castle of Heavenly Bliss

I have read your revised ebook edition of The Castle of Heavenly Bliss and am very impressed. It is much tighter and I found the story flowed better with a few loose ends better explained. There was no point in this edition where my mind wandered. I cannot wait to read the third book.
Gay Smith, Blaxland NSW

Last year I read the first two novels of your Winterbine Trilogy and what remarkable stories they are.  I know of no modern Australian novel in which the Catholic side has been presented with such sympathy and understanding.  The Fr van Engelens of this world are not usually allowed to defend traditional Catholic teaching in a logical and rational way and the forces of renewal in its many guises is so often justified by an appeal to the ubiquitous Spirit of Vatican II. The purpose of this email is firstly to congratulate on your fine achievement and to enquire when Part III of the trilogy will be published.  The first two volumes generated so many questions for which this reader craves answers.
J. Gerald Wilson (no relation)

I found The Castle of Heavenly Bliss absolutely riveting. It touches on all the right political and religious issues. I read the whole 752 pages in five days. I look forward to the next book in the trilogy.
Fr Terence Mary Naughtin, Franciscan Friars, Kellyville NSW

I couldn’t put it down.
Pauline McKenna, Caulfield, Victoria

The book is a jolly good thriller. I’m glad a book of this sort has been written. It was desperately needed. It might be the start of a movement. The author is to be congratulated on a story that keeps up the interest despite some challenging passages.
Dr Paul McKenna (retired medical doctor), Caulfield, Victoria

Despite being a long work, The Castle of Heavenly Bliss holds the reader’s interest. The characters are vividly presented. The various threads to plot heighten the interest, with the reader wondering how they fit together. There is a sense of impending danger or distress threatening a number of people. A good picture is drawn of the clashing outlooks, and of the trends in society that have developed since that time. Elements of mystery and intrigue add interest and tension. The author deserves congratulations for the quality of this book.
John Young, author of The Natural Economy

I thought The Castle of Heavenly Bliss was terrific and very much enjoyed reading it. I really did find it difficult to put it down during the four days I took to read it. I thought the character development was comprehensive and believable with the story having me wondering what might happen right up until the rescue and even past that…This novel has obviously been the author’s passion. The time and research put into it must be extraordinary. I’m amazed at the detail relating to the location of the events. I congratulate the author.
Michael Wilson, Goldsmith & Jewellery Designer, Eltham Vic

At last, an Australian author to rival the best of contemporary Catholic novelists. A tender love story of characters caught up in a gripping thriller of moral, theological and ideological conflicts
Brian Schaefer, Director of John XXIII Co-operative

The story really grabbed my attention. The characters were credible and interesting. As a Dutch person of Protestant background, and now of no religious belief, I had pleasure in reading the parts about Holland. The Dutch ambience was accurately drawn. All in all, it was a really thrilling story.
Corrie Roggeveen, Booval QLD

I took advantage of Mother’s Day unhindered by family duties to read The Castle of Heavenly Bliss. I spent the whole day on it. The story kept my attention right to the end. I especially liked the character of Estella and the interesting background information about the Catholic Church.
Janet Mitchell, Librarian, Patterson River Secondary College, Carrum Vic

I thought The Castle of Heavenly Bliss was a gem – entirely relevant to the times.
Margaret Condon, Cherrybrook NSW

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