Pell case reaction: a veneer of civilisation

Human rights lawyer Greg Barnes warns of where Australian society is heading in, THE CARDINAL PELL CASE: TRIUMPHALISM OVER PELL VERDICT SHOWS CIVILISATION JUST A VENEER.

Most of those supporting Cardinal Pell and condemning the guilty verdict have focused on the problems of evidence. Just as worrying as the failure of Victoria’s legal system which is supposedly based on the application of reason to the concrete evidence, is the mob mentality of those wildly rejoicing over the Cardinal’s dramatic demise. That rejoicing was a sign of civilisational decay. Barnes:

‘Reaction to the … case against Cardinal George Pell was characterised by frightening ignorance on the part of many about how our legal system works, an awful sense of triumphalism on the part of some media who have pursued Cardinal Pell for some years, and above all the spectacle of a lynch mob literally screaming at the guilty man out the front of Melbourne’s County Court.

‘It says much about Australia that the veneer of civilisation is just that. There is an awful primitive gene that runs throughout this land. A gene that perpetuates vengeance, hatred and a disregard for circumspection. A gene that has no respect for the right to dignity of every person in the legal process, irrespective of who they are or what they represent.

Three journalists exemplify the decay:

‘The triumphalism about the Pell verdict has been equally disturbing. The sight of two journalists who have pursued Cardinal Pell, David Marr and Lucie Morris-Marr, tweeting a photograph of the two of them grinning, was emblematic of this triumphalism.

‘Louise Milligan [of the ABC], who has written a book decidedly hostile to Cardinal Pell and that was removed from the shelves because of the criminal proceedings, did not take long to tweet that again her book would be for sale, updated of course.’

Barnes nails the motivation behind the delight and triumphalism:

The Pell case seems to have become a convenient vehicle for all of those who hate the Catholic Church and the Cardinal himself to vent their unseemly and unruly bile.

Foremost in the ranks of bigotry is that fortress of anti-Catholic bigotry, the government-funded ABC (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Nowhere is the civilisational decay in Australia more evident in Barnes’s terms than in Australia’s government-funded broadcaster. Unquestioned Green-Left dogma has that unrepresentative body in paralysis.

David Marr’s exhibition of pleasure and triumph was to be expected. Marr is sick with hatred of Cardinal Pell and the Catholic Church. One can only guess where his uncontrollable hatred will take him in the end.