More about the liar

One Facebook page supporting Cardinal Pell began with this:

‘According to Cardinal Pell’s Biographer Tess Livingstone, in her article, ‘George Pell: This saga has a long way to go yet’, published in the Australian on March 1, 2019, Pell’s accuser has also in the past accused another Melbourne Priest of abuse.

If this is true, why is this not being spoken about? The secrecy of this accuser and his past are warranting of investigation.

Indeed, why is it not being talked about? The prosecutors have done everything they could to hide the identity of the person concocting the charges. Is their case so weak? But the unfairness and absurdity of the state’s actions does not concern me here. What is significant is that another piece of information about the accuser has slipped into the public realm despite the furious efforts.

In addition to psychological deficits, Cardinal Pell’s accuser has an inclination to pick on Catholic clergy. Nothing about this liar would surprise me. Indeed, the determined efforts to keep him hidden suggest there are other embarrassing (for the prosecution) things about him. For example, is he gay, is he a member of a gay activist group, has he a record of political activism of the leftist sort? What has the state prosecution to hide?

One thing is sure. The answers to these questions and many others will be revealed one day. Many of us will never let this affair rest. It is not just about the person of Cardinal Pell. It’s about what sort of people Australians are, what sort of country we live in. We will continue to work at tearing the skin from the onion piece by piece, even if it takes years.