More about the liar

In previous posts, I reported that some information about Cardinal Pell’s accuser had leaked into the public realm despite Victoria’s courts placing a blanket ban on any public information. He has psychological issues. He accused another Catholic priest of abuse. The latter evidently went nowhere because his drooling lovesick defender Louise with her description of chocolate drop eyes, or some other nauseating amorous declaration, has not mentioned it. Now Paul Collits in the previous post about Victoria Police wrote:

‘Witness J [the accuser], whose real name, broadly known among those close to the Pell case including this writer, cannot be stated in public, was clearly central to the Police case against Pell.  Without Witness J, the case goes nowhere.  Yet Witness J is highly problematic.  His story changed over time, in important ways.  His book length character reference from Louise Milligan has been discredited by claims of a less than exemplary life, and there is even the suggestion that he wished to withdraw his complaint after the first Pell trial.’ 

This and other information about the accuser is obviously doing the rounds just below the surface of media reporting. So, the leak into the public sphere will continue despite the court’s efforts to bludgeon people into silence.

Where we are at: psychological issues, false accusations, and a less than exemplary life. It is the intimated background of his accusations against Cardinal Pell.