Milligan’s desperate response

On 29 November, at the time of media responses to Gerard Henderson’s myth-slander-smashing book, Cardinal Pell, the Media Pile-on, and Collective Guilt, Louise Milligan, delusional and desperate, sent out this whimpering somewhat incoherent tweet.

‘Never, ever under-estimate the ability of the old boys network to be just that. Old. Boys. Desperately clinging on to what they think is, and want to be, power, but is really just a bit sad and desperate.’

It could only be in response to the praise for Henderson’s book that flails the media for its lies, bigotry, and incompetence, with a special focus on herself and David Marr. The tweet was a typical reaction from Milligan when faced with criticism about her shoddy, prejudiced journalistic efforts. Never ever does she attempt to defend her work against penetrating criticism.

In another context where she sickens with sanctimony and self-righteousness, she would be loud in her condemnation of sexism and prejudice against old people. Like Susan Mitchell in condemning Tony Abbott for being a man (Tony Abbott, A Man’s Man), Milligan sees nothing out of place in condemning her opponents for merely being male.

One cannot help wondering how she overcame her disgust and actually married a specimen of that revolting race and had a child with him. Indeed, one could wonder the same about most of her faithful female support. They cannot all be lesbians. They must have long-suffering, groaning husbands who feel helplessly trapped in a medieval sewer cistern.