Mean-girl Katy Gallagher ramps up Labor’s man-hatred campaign

ALP senator Kimberley Kitching accused Labor power trio Katy Gallagher, Penny Wong, and Kristina Keneally of bullying her. She made the allegations in an hour-long “safe and respectful workplace training” session. It’s on record with the ALP.

Within a year, Kimberley Kitching was dead at the age of 52. She died of a heart attack. See the ABC’s report on the allegations and their credibility here: Kimberley Kitching disclosed allegations Senate Labor colleagues bullied her months before her death. You don’t mess with Katy Gallagher and her feminist clique.

Well, Katy Gallagher has not improved – not that you expect it. Ms. Mean-girl Katy is in charge of the ALP’s ‘gender equality’ campaign. And she will ram it through by hook or crook. One expects mostly by crook.

But what’s this gender equality business about? I’m sure many people haven’t a clue. They just accept the outrageous suggestion that somehow some businesses are paying women LESS for the SAME job. But that’s not what it’s about at all. Let me explain in the simplest terms.

Say a company – a big corporation – has ten top positions, all filled by men, with huge salaries – in fact, not only the highest in the company but the highest anywhere. Well, mean-girl Katy says, no, that’s not right. At least five of those positions MUST be filled by women, regardless of the superior qualifications, suitability, and experience of the men. But there’s more.

Katy won’t publicly admit it, but it is fine to have women fill all ten positions, regardless of qualifications, experience or suitability for the position.

Gender equality is not a system of equity; it is a system of quotas. In terms of business or organizational purpose, it is irrational.

Katy and her feminist cohorts want at least a policy of appointing women to high-paid positions until men and women’s salaries, AVERAGED OUT, are equivalent or women earn more. Regardless of individual differences and ambitions.

But there’s more. Katy, ALP power mean girl, has threatened to withhold government contracts from companies who don’t cooperate, that is, don’t surrender to the ideological blackmail.

‘Gender equality’ is the most dishonest man-hating con ever perpetrated by feminists. And there’s a lot of nasty business feminists are capable of. See previous comments and references to Janice Fiamengo and Bettina Arndt’s work.

As a man you would have to be a total idiot to vote for the Australian Labor Party.


New gender equality strategy to tackle unpaid work gap

Poppy Johnston, Sat, 2 March 2024

Australia has a way to go to achieve gender equality but the federal government has a plan to get there in a decade.

Minister for Women Katy Gallagher will launch the first national gender equality strategy on Thursday.

The strategy will cover five key areas – unpaid and paid care, ending gender-based violence, economic equality and security, health, and leadership and representation.

Australian Finance Minister Katy Gallagher
Minister for Women Katy Gallagher says her government understands the challenges facing women. (Lukas Coch/AAP PHOTOS)

It comes hot on the heels of new wage gap data that aired the dirty laundry of individual employers and found almost two-thirds had gender pay gaps favouring men.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency figures suggested women were still struggling to make it up the top of the employment ladder and were poorly represented in highly paid roles.

Senator Gallagher said her government understood the challenges facing women.

“Women earn less, they suffer from a motherhood penalty when they take time out of work for children, and they retire with lower superannuation balances,” she said.

“We know that we don’t have a gender-equal Australia.”

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