Is there a connection between the Vatican’s doctrinal chief and occultist influences on feminism?

Pope Francis’ Top Doctrine Cop Echoes Occultists Aleister Crowley and Margaret Sanger on the ‘Mystical’ Power of Sex

By JOHN ZMIRAK, The Stream, January 14, 2024

This is grim stuff, so let’s start off nice and easy. With a challenging little puzzle, like those silly “test your knowledge” posts you see on social media. Can you match the quotation below with the author? Each is speaking about the connection between human sexuality and access to God:

  1. “True sex-power is God-power and as such, the power of orgasm can be used by a man and woman for various gains, both worldly and spiritual.”
  2. “[God] can make himself present when two human beings love each other and reach orgasm; and that orgasm, lived in the presence of God, can also be a sublime act of the presence of God.”
  3. “Through sex, mankind may attain the great spiritual illumination which will transform the world, which will light up the only path to an earthly paradise.”
  4. “Mankind must learn that the sexual instinct is … ennobling. The shocking evils which we all deplore are principally due to the perversions produced by suppressions.”

Here are the authors from which you’ll need to choose:

A. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

B. Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, chief doctrinal authority appointed by Pope Francis, who recently approved same-sex blessings in Catholic churches — which will include St. Peter’s Basilica.

C. Aleister Crowley, 20th-century British black magician and pansexual Satanist.

D. Paschal Beverly Randolph, 19th-century American occultist.

Sex Magick Posing as Christian Mysticism

Not easy, is it? The quotations all kind of smoosh together, saying much the same thing. No mention of marriage, pregnancy, or fidelity, much less chastity. Sex is presented by each of these authors as having some magical power in itself to connect us to the fundamental powers of the universe — the same kind of “spirituality” practiced in ancient fertility cults, which the Hebrew prophets condemned as the worship of demons. (See Jonathan Cahn’s Return of the Gods for exhaustive documentation.)

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