How women fight

Below is a short video on Jordan Peterson’s claims about female aggression, namely that women usually don’t physically attack their opponent but resort to ‘verbal attack’, ‘innuendo’, ‘gossip’, and ‘reputational destruction.’

The interviewer does not accept Petersen’s claim but has nothing really to say except a series of interruptions indicating her incredulity to which Petersen continually retorts that his claims are nothing new. They are contained in thirty years of professional literature about female and male aggression.

For most men, thirty years of professional literature is not needed. From the moment a boy starts dating he quickly learns that a girl’s mouth is her weapon. When sufficiently displeased, a girl wields that weapon with devastating effectiveness. The object is not momentary defeat but lasting reputational destruction.

One can view a longer Peterson interview on male and female aggression here: Antisocial women steal reputation. There is also Peterson’s interview on Triggenomentry: Order and Chaos in 2021