Homosexual clergy

The increasing numbers of homosexuals in the Catholic clergy from the 1950s onwards was accompanied by the rising incidence of the sexual abuse of minors. Significant is that the vast majority of clerical sexual abuse cases (80% and more) has concerned the abuse of pubescent boys mostly around the age of 15 years. It is said that age is the idealised object of homosexual desire.

Those most vociferous about clerical sexual abuse in Australia totally ignore these facts. Not so in America. There (a rich irony), it is the ‘extreme’ orthodox Catholic lay groups who are burrowing below the surface of the proven abuse and the cover-ups. They are finding a vast homosexual network whose members protect their own.

Is there a similar homosexual network in Australia? What is the real object of the cover-ups? Are they to protect the institutional Church or members of an illicit network. There is a growing literature worldwide on this subject. See books here. Below are links to articles and videos.

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