Have you ever heard a woman apologize?

In the video below, Dr Orion Taraban explains why few woman apologize in relationships for something they have done – when they are genuinely at fault. But a woman’s disinclination to apologize is not restricted to close relationships. I cannot remember the last time a woman in a service position (shops, restaurants, etc.) apologized for bad service or a faulty product. Sales women in supermarkets are particularly bad.


Why WOMEN DON’T APOLOGIZE: understanding the nature of the problem

Dr Orion Tarban:
‘I’m 40 years-old, and I can count the number of apologies I’ve received from women over the course of my life on one hand. Surprisingly, this is not due to the fact that I have always interacted with virtuous, high-quality, well-behaving women. For whatever reason, women seem to find it particularly difficult to apologize to men — and this is really too bad. In this episode, I’ll discuss the nature of the difficulty, and why it would be in women’s best interests to apologize more often.’