getup!’s worker ants

Just before Christmas (23 December) I wrote the following on the ‘Vote Tony Out’ Facebook page:

The Votetonyout campaign is driven by Getup/Alinsky-type far-left fanatics. If you become a sucker to this paradigm leftist agitation, you’re supporting the full box of gender theory, white patriarchy, identity politics, whiteness studies, sexualisation of children (the Marxist safe schools program) open borders, radical redistribution of wealth, zero emissions, and so on and so on… Don’t be fooled by the ridiculous claim that the agitation is coming from ‘ordinary non-political concerned citiziens’. You could not be more gullible if you fell for that.

One would think after all this time that there would be no argument about GetUp!’s political pedigree. It’s Green-Left, espousing all the issues dear to the spectrum left to far-left. That seems a no-brainer. It took a while for someone to respond. A couple of days ago, this furious reply appeared from a female GetUp! worker ant. It’s as it appears.

This group comprises people from the left, the centre, and the right. Including former Liberal members and branch office bearers like myself. Sorry we don’t fall for your litanny of far-right extremist anti refugees, anti safe schools, anti everything that isn’t far right. Your whole screed is standard pro-forma ultra far right radical reactionary talking points, you are so gullible if you cannot see how out of touch you are. That you cannot see this movement is NOT a far left group (even though you dearly want to believe that) but people from all walks of life including conservatives, you are as dangerously far right extremist and out of touch reactionary as you seem. You are in for a big shock come the election. A very big shock. You are in the minority. Try thinking for yourself instead of regurgitating ultra far right reactionary talking points. Don’t forget, 75% voted Yes in Warringah, and Warringah is very pro-climate action. You don’t even know the first thing about Warringah, you are so delusional that you don’t even see you and your dangerous views are in the minority in this country, and among Liberal members and voters.

This was the usual barely intelligible rant you get from the Green-Left whose totalitarian mentality forbids any dissent from their dogma. It’s pointless to indicate to such people the incoherence in lumping together the ‘right’ and Liberal Party members with the Greens. I posted an obvious reply.

The usual mindless rhetoric of the gullible left. You would mouth this nonsense in your sleep. I named the Green-Left issues GetUp! supports. Do you deny this?

This provoked another rant.

I am certainly not left, but I guess even John Howard is a member of socialist alliance compared to you. You are so far extreme, you are a nutjob. Thankfully you will find out on election night. And all your extremist out of touch conspiracy theorist far right reactionary dangerous rubbish you spout won’t help you when the truth hits you. You are so unAustralian, and so so out of touch with TRUE AUSSIES.

As expected, our GetUp! worker ant went from her muddled ideas of political cooperation and branding me with the far-far-right tag without the slightest bit of evidence, to name-calling. It’s all of a pattern. Again, I made an obvious point, and repeated my warning.

One must smile to see you calling me a nutjob. I will leave you to your hopeless incoherent nonsense. The warning remains to those who may be inclined to imbibe the GetUp! poison.

I don’t think she got the point about nutjobs. The rant continued.

Oh yes, everyone that doesn’t agree with you is from GetUp! Wow, nutjob suits you. Like I said, comapred to you, John Howard is a member of socialist alliance. You are truly delusional.

I publish this exchange as a warning to all conservatives who are prepared to make a public stand in the coming federal election. You’ll be confronted by this sort of loud, ignorant, brainless person who’ll do their best to shut you up. They are GetUp!’s worker ants. Prepare yourself.