There are many female critics of feminism of outstanding ability on the internet. Former philosophy professor and think-tank commentator Christina Hoff Somers, for example, provides a series of critical videos, one discussing how ‘equity feminism’ (which she supports) went off the rails in the 1980s – Feminism’s biggest blindspot revealed.

In Australia we have Bettina Arndt and Daisy Cousens who do their homework before posting the videos. In the print media, there is the Australian‘s Janet Albrechtson who writes devastating pieces on feminists in the government and media, particularly on the untouchable feminist clique at the billion-dollar ABC.

For me, however, the most compelling is Janice Fiamengo, a former professor in a university department of English language and literature. She resigned her well-paid position of standing in the academic world to devote her time to research what feminists think, do, and say.

In her ‘Fiamengo File’, She undertakes a critical survey of what happens in the concrete world of modern feminism, rather than discuss theory. She builds a picture of delinquency and deceit in many professional areas, but focuses on the academic world, where men are often subjected to the most appalling injustice. Go to the Janice Fiamengo tab to access links to the best of her work. Go also to the Bettina Arndt tab for a selection of articles from her website.

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