Establishing an Islamic nation and government within Australia

‘Islamic Fears’

Everywhere around the Western world where Muslims have settled you find deliberate cultural segregation over which the Islamic leaders maintain de facto Sharia law. The female dress of the Niqab and Burka, both repugnant to the Western mind, is the most defying symbol of the segregation.

The evidence of Islamic politico-cultural separation is most blatant in France, Sweden, Germany, Britain and Holland. There are no-go districts in France and Germany that are dangerous for the non-Muslim to enter.

Despite the empirical evidence that smacks you in the face, such claims are dismissed with the put-down of ‘Islamophobia’. One risks one’s job and reputation by merely pointing to the evidence. The strength of your evidence and argument does not matter.

Would it be different if respected leaders of the Muslim community in Australia warned about the plan to establish an Islamic nation/government within Australia – a nation within a nation? Indeed, the plan is already in operation according to some Imams and Muslim community leaders.

The  Seven Network’s program ‘Today to Night’ broke from the media pack to screen an unusually explicit warning about Islamic plans to ‘build a nation within a nation’ and to establish an Islamic Caliphate. The warning comes from Imam Tawhidi President of the Islamic Association of South Australia and community leader Jamal Dawood. The clip has received 2.3 million views

In summary, Imam Tawhidi and Jamal Dawood warn that extremists of the Wahabi sect have instituted a plan to ‘create a country within a country’. The plan is funded by the unlimited wealth of the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Estates will be bought and designated as an Islamic enclave. These will be developed into a ‘nation within a nation.’ Imam Tawhidi urges the Australian government to begin an urgent investigation into what is going on within the Islamic community in Australia. In particular, he wants the Niqab and Burka banned both which are not mandated by the Quran, but are outstanding symbols of Wahabi extremism.

Australian’s political elite may blind themselves to the evidence around them, the dinki-di Australian does not – and will not.