This page includes links to commentaries that confront the worst excesses of leftist activism (in state and church) and give a picture of where Western Society is heading.

Safe-Schools creator found at socialism conference

Transgenderism’s war on language is a war on truth and reality. Here’s another example – Life Site

Radical liberation theologians push for overthrow of Catholic doctrine at Amazon synod – Life Site

The plague in the priesthood – Bp Vigano vs the Lavender Mafia – Taylor Marshall & Timothy Gordon

Allah made me do it’

Homosexuality linked to clerical sexual abuse

Museum of Communist terror

The Sexes: Complementary, Not “Equal”

Former Pope Francis supporter pens new book calling pontiff a ‘lost shepherd’

Women take a sharp turn to the left

US Sodom: One man’s escape from homosexuality

St Pope John Paul II vision: Islam will invade Europe

Europe’s migrants are here to stay

The Dictator Pope

A cult of fakery – Roger Scruton

What comes after same-sex marriage?

Hey Millennials: Communism sucks, I lived it

The deconstruction of humanity

Don’t even think about it

Two in three people think religion does more harm than good in the world

Burke’s conservative case for free markets

Sex and gender in the British Empire, anyone?

Lost condemnations of communism of Vatican II

Andrew Hastie – ‘For God and Country’

The political relevance of St Augustine

A Republican finally co-opts Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

The violent extremist behind Australia’s refugee movement P.2

The violent extremist behind Australia’s refugee movement Pt.1

‘Those events never happened

St John Paul’s prophecy about an ‘anti-Church’

Cardinal Pell faces a ‘witch trial’

LGBT group threaten university over study

Tim’s anti-white Australia policy

George Pell: Priest challenges choir boy abuse allegations

The case against Cardinal Pell***

Children of desire

Unmanly men in Flannery O’Connor’s short stories

The Case for Nations – Roger Scruton

Watching George Pell

How French ‘intellectuals’ ruined the West

Some Dad advice for the youth of today

What people can learn about Islam from a former Muslim

Cultural background is legitimate object of scrutiny

Sexualising school kids

Why are so many of the ‘Great Books’ of the 20th century by people who killed themselves?

Don’t wield abuse statistics in ignorance

It’s time to bury the ‘executioner’ Lenin for good

This is the true face of the Sexual Revolution

The end of the university

Mourning the Russian Revolution

What does Saint Thomas say about immigration?

Why Saint Thomas Aquinas opposed open borders

Know-nothing Catholics on Muslim immigration

The rise of the Anglosphere

The Russian ‘conservative mind’

Regensburg revisited: a West still in denial

Political Correctness – a short history of an ideology

Political correctness – the revenge of Marxism

Eu starts to resemble Soviet Union

Ignore the siren voices who defend Marxism

How are Australia’s Syrian refugees coping?

Islamic trade in European slaves

Denial flows into the Tiber

Bungling Palaszczuk government unfit to lead

The great lie! Pope Benedict XVI on Socialism

Are 1 in 20 Catholic priests potential abusers?

Pro-life Catholic sworn in as UN Secretary General

Edmund Burke’s eternal society: a philosophical reflection

West proves not all cultures are equal

How can studying grammar save culture?

The enemy that won’t be named

The death of self-education, the death of the West

UN ‘expert’ says Australians have big racism problem

To make America great, turn back to God

The French Revolution: Violent from its inception

This is how Trump’s Steve Bannon sees the whole world

How Donald Trump’s chief strategist thinks about capitalism and Christianity

Gloriously unhinged by President Trump

Thickos of the world unite!

The Clintons and Soros launch America’s purple revolution

Crushing Hillary: Trump’s landslide by the numbers

Consider a monarchy, America

Wilileaks reveals how billionaire ‘progressives’ run the Democratic Party

Clown prince of revolution

A handy guide to left-wing people for the under 10s

What happens when students brainwashed with cultural Marxism find job?

Embodied caregiving

The triumph of will over the intellect

Inconvenient History: The Barbary Coast Muslim slave trade

Students told term ‘be a man’ represents toxic masculinity

New UN Chief – International Socialist and Islamist apologist Antonio Guterres

Isis stones woman to death

Saul Alinsky – the key to understanding Hillary Clinton

Muslims want conquest of Europe

The house is on fire! On the hidden horrors of Soviet life

Writer … and still in the fifties