Andrew Bolt shows courage

I congratulate Andrew Bolt for speaking out about the incoherences in the case against Cardinal Pell. I have nothing to lose in attacking the juror’s decision, But Andrew Bolt does. He is a high profile journalist and television compere whose reputation and livelihood are at stake when he takes on the dominant political class. He is particularly vulnerable when he defies the left’s virulent anti-Catholic bigotry. But when he defends the left’s Catholic voodoo doll it is as good as baring his chest to the frenzied daggers of the Left.

On his Sky New program he outlined ten reasons for having ‘misgivings’ about the conviction of Cardinal Pell for sexually assaulting two choir boys in the sacristy of St Patrick’s Cathedral.


First, one of the boys now dead denied he had been abused when his mother asked.

Second, the other boy didn’t speak about it for many years.

Third, this attack is meant to have happened straight after Mass at a time when Pell traditionally joined the recessional going out of the church with the choir, with the attendance, with everyone. He was accustomed to speak to the worshippers outside.

Fourth, this attack allegedly happened in the cathedral sacristy which is normally a very busy room. It is a room where Pell would have known people were almost certain to walk in.

Five, the boys allegedly slipped away from the recessional to break into the sacristy. None of the other choristers who gave evidence said they noticed them doing so or noticed them rejoining the choir later.

Sixth, Pell was normally followed everywhere during and after Mass by the Master of Ceremonies Mons. Charles Patelli who testified that he escorted Pell from the moment he arrived at the Cathedral until the moment he left and he declared the assault impossible.

Seventh, the boy who said he was attacked, now a man, said the door was open during this [attack].

Eighth, Pell during this alleged attack of oral sex was wearing heavy vestments down to his feet. The accuser said he parted these robes but evidence was given at the trial that these robes cannot be parted.

Nine, not a single witness from what was a busy cathedral did not notice [sic] a thing during the estimated ten minutes of this alleged attack.

Ten, there is no proven history or pattern of similar abuse by Pell, allegations but no proof unlike a convicted paedophile like Gerald Ridsdale who raped or assaulted at least 65 children and is now in jail. George was 55-years-old at the time of this alleged abuse and there is not one credible case of abusing any other person at any other time.

So it is no wonder the first jury failed to convict Pell. I am unable to tell you how very close it was to acquitting him before it was discharged as deadlocked.

[It has since been revealed that it was 10-2 favour of acquittal. The judge said he would accept a 11-1 verdict but the two could not be moved. ]

And I will add one more thing. Pell did not give evidence in the trial, which might turn out to be a mistake, but the man I know seems not just incapable of this abuse but so intelligent and cautious it seems unbelievable to me that that he would risk his brilliant career and his name on a such a mad assault on two children in such a public place with an open door.

Andrew Bolt’s program, The Bolt Report, also includes informative interviews with Peter Westmore who attended all court sittings and Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute and the popular Media Watch Dog.