A high point in man-hatred?

The high farce and hysteria that shook one country (Spain) to its core and shockingly triggered fragile feminists throughout the Western World perhaps signified a high point in the man-hatred that feminist activists have propagated since the 1960s.

Who would have thought even twenty years ago that a woman would file a charge of criminal (sexual) assault against a man who in the ecstasy of a world cup win gave the said woman a brief kiss on the lips? Who would have thought the collapse of reason in the West would have tumbled to such depths?

Well, that’s the world we in now – a world so wracked by man-hatred that the legal system not only does not protect men from outrageous or bogus claims but helps to destroy them.

Janice Fiamengo has once again articulated the case again feminism.


The Empress Jenni Hermoso Has No Clothes

But I fear it’s now a sexual crime to say so


13 SEPT 2023

Feminist consensus gathered predictably around the Spanish Kiss imbroglio, in which Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso filed a criminal complaint of sexual assault and forced the resignation of Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation following his unsolicited World Cup victory kiss.

That’s right. Criminal charges for a kiss—a mere peck—and feminists are still complaining about the injustice to women!

This consensus was given vivid expression in Washington Post columnist Candace Buckner’s op/ed “Jenni Hermoso is a giant. Only an unjust system reduces her to victim,” in which Buckner argued, ludicrously, that Hermoso has been doubly harmed, first at the hands of the odious Rubiales, who “placed his greasy paws on her face and pulled her in to that kiss” and then by the wall-to-wall news coverage afterwards, in which she has been compelled to “take on a new identity. One that never should have belonged to her: ‘Victim.’”

There’s a ring of familiarity here from decades of feminist advocacy, which has held that rape victims are doubly victimized: once during the sexual assault and again when they have to tell their story in public or on the witness stand, answering degrading questions about consent and facing the skepticism of some listeners. (Many victims feel “disbelieved” by a system that grants rights to the accused, and feminists in consequence have called for special courts and judicial training that would “Start by believing.”)

But there has been such a tremendous chorus of support for Hermoso—with teammates and players across the world, including many high-profile male players, as well as Federation officials and Spanish politicians, falling all over themselves to denounce Rubiales as a cad (every man seeing his own head on the chopping block if he fails in righteous indignation)—that the “doubly victimized” motif has been difficult to deploy. Even Rubiales’s uncle has denounced his kin, stating that most of the family stands with his accuser. Therefore, a different indignity has had to be summoned—in this case that Hermoso’s success on the football field has allegedly been eclipsed by the drama engulfing her.

Jenni Hermoso gets spectacular welcome back to club football at Pachuca on  the same day that Luis Rubiales quits Spanish FA post in the wake of  Women's World Cup final kiss storm |

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