Traditionis Custodes

In an act that has people around the world gasping and reeling at its totalitarian viciousness, Pope Francis has moved to crush the Mass of the centuries and its adherents. Below is a selection of reactions to the pope’s remorseless, merciless attempt to destroy the Traditional Latin Mass. It is with good reason Francis has been called The Dictator Pope. The first link is to John -Henry Weston’s brief history of the conflict. The second link is to Michael Matt’s powerful response. The third link is to the Letter from Father Pagliarani, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X. The fourth is Catholic Studies Academy’s FEATURED response to the Bergoglio’s political act. Important also are Taylor Marshall’s commentary on Archbishop Vigano’s recommended article and Diane Montagna’s interview with Bishop Schneider.


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The Remnant Newspaper – WE RESIST FRANCIS TO HIS FACE: Pachamama Pope Anathematizes Latin Mass, 16 July 2021


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(963) Traditionis Custodes: What Pope Francis Literally Said and Why You Should Care – YouTube


(1616) Rome cracks down on The Latin Mass – an interview with Robert Moynihan – YouTube, 29 September 2021*** an up-to-date analysis

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The Enormous Loophole in Traditionis Custodes – Canon Law Made EasyCanon Law Made Easy, 29 July 2021 – blaring errors in document

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