Times of Distress


Book One of the new Conciliar Series.
Fr Jos van Engelen, a Dutch missionary priest stationed in New Guinea, is recalled to Holland to help the superior-general combat suspected ideological subversion within his order. He arrives in March 1940. When the Nazis invade Holland, he is drawn into covert operations by British intelligence. The operations go horribly wrong, He is forced to flee to Amsterdam where he goes to ground. When the Nazis fire on the crowds gathered on Dam Square in 1945, he saves a young woman and her baby from being crushed in the stampede. It’s the start of a relationship with the young woman and a deadly tussle with her occultist husband.

After the war, he has a running conflict with those he suspected not only of undermining the order’s ways and beliefs but of betrayal. The conflict comes to a head after the Second Vatican Council, resulting in more measures to get him out of the way.

Book One of the new series develops the early story of Fr van Engelen and Truus van den Donker with the location of the story in Holland, New Guinea and Australia. The period is from 1940 to 1970. Both will appear in a future book.

TIMES OF DISTRESS is the first book in the new Conciliar series of six books that has the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s (1965-1975) as the background.

Completed July 2020

Writer … and still in the fifties