A Very Odd Romance

A Very Odd Romance

A Novel

Paul Summers is not sure what he is, but whatever he is, he finds himself falling in love with Persefony Sticks, who is determined to lead him to the divine feminine spark and inner enlightenment. Around this odd coupling circles a band of media people and lawyers pursuing clerical sexual abusers. Persefony and partner Haydies drag Paul as a victim into this frenzy of activity. It does not go as Persefony plans.

Paul calls himself a dress designer. He earns a meager living taking commissions from wealthy women on the coast. Paul’s friend, property dealer Brad, brings new neighbors and clients, Persefony and Haydies, to meet Paul at his house in the pristine hinterland, a haven for environmentalists and counterculture enthusiasts. Persefony’s specialty is natural health care. Haydies is a therapist. Paul suspects Brad has a purpose.

Persefony and Haydies show a keen interest in an old religious picture Paul bought at the local beachside market. They say the picture has an evil power, a power that represents bondage for Paul. They want to help Paul break that bondage. Their enthusiasm to help intensifies when they learn Paul knows Fr Robbie Pleasance, who is before the courts for the sexual abuse of a minor. Paul was in a relationship with the priest, and he needs to act.

Norman Mudlord is a top-rating radio talkback host. Torne Rutter is a star investigative reporter for The Morning Chronicle. Samantha Leggin is the sexy anchor for Action News Broadcasting Company’s Newsline. They are on the case of Fr Pleasance, who they suspect has something more to hide. Brilliant advocate Aleta Broadface of Hammersmut and Sludge Lawyers and Solicitors has subtly raised their suspicions. Aleta plays them like a musical instrument. Her manipulation will bring Paul into her plans.

To bring a reluctant Paul to the divine feminine and inner enlightenment, Persefony and Haydies expose him to a ritual conducted by beautiful Persefony that releases the female’s sexual power. Paul finds the ritual weird and he does not wait for the finish. By this time, Paul’s feelings for Persefony have surfaced.

When Brad and Paul meet Persefony and Haydies for the Dionysian mysteries deep in the woods, Paul and Persefony slip away from the wild bacchanalian initiation ceremony and spend the evening in an affectionate childlike embrace.

Instead of Persefony leading Paul to the divine feminine, she finds her growing affection for Paul leading her away from her task. Haydies sees the relationship sabotaging their enterprise and stops Paul and Persefony from seeing each other. Paul is despairing. What can he do to escape Aleta’s manipulation and have Persefony with him again? The obstacles seem invincible.

Release date 30 August 2020. Available through Amazon, Smashwords , Kobo

Writer … and still in the fifties