The Pell Lynch mob

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The media in Australia (newspapers, radio, and television) are on the leftist spectrum from the socialist left to the extreme psychotic left. The media left as a group are driven by an unbending anti-Catholic sectarianism from mindless sneering to flaring and flaming bigotry. Cardinal George Pell, as a determined political and religious conservative, was never going to get a fair hearing on any issue whatever. And so it happened. The record is there. With a compliant and barracking media, the writhing, worming and scheming body of Pell-haters naturally congealed into a lynch mob with an understood agenda: Destroy Cardinal George Pell. They could never have imagined how successful they would be. The following are the foremost members of the Pell lynch mob in order of their malevolence and bigotry.

My compilation should be read with Paul Collits’ detailed article The Networks That Snared George Pell from which I draw.

At the top of the list is Australia’s billion dollar government-funded Australian Broadcast Corporation. It is Australia’s fortress of Anti-Catholic bigotry, pushing the renewal of the penal laws and Catholic disqualification. It is no accident that gay activist David Marr, slavering with hatred of Cardinal Pell, and adolescent Louise Milligan, carried on the shoulders of her blind unquestioning supporters, are closely connected or work for the ABC. The full range of ABC television and radio programs took (and take) their turn at bashing Cardinal Pell. At the forefront have been television ABC News Breakfast, the 7.30 Report, Lateline, on radio AM, World Today, PM, Radio National.

The crew on News Breakfast deserves special mention. Virginia Trioli, Michael Rowland, and Paul Kennedy have been at the ready to recycle, distort and blow up any tidbit that came to hand about the Cardinal. The charges of sexual abuse became a feast for them. Paul Kennedy teamed up with the remorseless Antarctic Fosters (see below) whose clear aim was to destroy Pell. Michael Rowland championed the deluded and utterly discredited Detective Inspector Peter Fox (see below) and generally got himself into an adolescent fever at the merest hint of Catholic shenanigans.

The anti-Catholic stallions in the Fair Media have been Melbourne’s leftist rag The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald now showing the white bones of the Sydney newspaper that ordinary Sydneysiders once trusted. Like the ABC, the Age and the SMH feasted on anything that could harm Cardinal Pell.

The Guardian

60 Minutes

Victims groups

Broken Rites

Louise Milligan has been the sparkling, ever-giving, emotional star of the Lynch mob. The links below are critiques of her case against the Cardinal.
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More to come about Milligan and other members of the lynch mob

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