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The Muslim white slave trade

One of the main ideological weapons with which the haters use to beat the white West is slavery. The self-loathers in the west are in the forefront of those broadcasting the terrible story of the kidnap of black Africans for work as slaves on the plantations of the Americas. There is rarely mention that slavery was common throughout the Middle East and parts of Africa. Muslims were for centuries the professional slave traders. Indeed, they specialised in white slavery for a discerning market of rich Arabs. Blondes and redheads were luxury items. Muslims raided the settlements along the coasts of Europe sometimes emptying whole villages. Estimates of up to one and a half million whites were kidnapped. Dr Taylor Marshall discusses Muslim white slavery on his website under ‘The Sexual Motivation for the European-Muslim slave trade.’ Some pertinent quotations follow:

Muslim men wanted to purchase fair skinned, blonde or redheaded European girls as sex slaves.

Muhammad repeatedly taught that Muslim men may copulate with slave girls without sin or fault. Even Muslim wives recognized this right of Muslim men. So Muslim men wanted to buy what they believed was “the best.”

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