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‘Confronting Toxic Femininity’

Michael Voris of Church Militant does not mince words. He reminds me of those Franciscan friars who went around parishes giving missions. They were the fire and brimstone preachers of fifty years ago.

In video his ‘Confronting Toxic Femininity‘, Voris focuses on the difference between men and women and their response to moral and social issues. Men, he says, have the inclination to assess the truth of the issue; women have the inclination to let their feelings rather than cool objective assessment govern their first reaction. Compassion and sympathy are the best qualities of the female. But, says, Voris, when women let just their feelings determine their reaction to social issues, they degenerate into toxic femininity where truth is abandoned.

I must give a trigger warning about the verbal aggression that will disturb some in the watching. Watch it at your own risk.

Vatican Sex Summit Day Three – Michael voris reports

Voris does not hang back in his criticism of the prelates conducting the summit, nor in his focusing on the (alleged) cause of clerical sexual abuse. I must say that it is curious that the Australian mainstream media is tepid about its reporting of the summit. Perhaps the accusation that their favourite, the progressive Pope Francis, covered up the proven record of defrocked Mr McCarrick is not conducive to their narrative.