Scenes from my childhood

The two photo below are of the Barwon Road (Lane Cove) gang taken by my dad during the Christmas holidays 1949/1950. They are among my favourites from my idyllic childhood when Church and (Christian) state were intact. It is truly a fifties scene. From left to right are Christine and John Allison, Michael, my brother, my best mate Pete Allison, me, Marie holding Narelle Wilson. The second photo includes my mother. The third title in my family history series, ME AND PETEis about the Barwon Road gang.



Summer in Sydney, Christmas 1955, the Barwon Road gang.

Scooters, bikes, Saturday matinees, acrobatics, tree-climbing, wandering where you wanted free of risk – these were idyllic days of the fifties kidsSee ME AND PETE. This photo was taken in the summer of 1954/55, a typical hot summer’s day in Sydney.


Christmas dinner in the backyard 

This is a classic Australian Christmas scene. It’s one of my favourite photos from my childhood taken by my dad on Christmas Day 1951. The Bert Wilson clan was gathered in my grandparents’ backyard in Baldry Street, Chatswood. There are some very outspoken aunts around that table. See ME AND PETE .

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