Reviews & comments Witch Hunters

I liked [your novel].  I got caught up in the characters and situations and wondered how things would turn out.  I think you manage the scenes very well and often bring them to a subtle yet provocative conclusion.  You also make the scenes work together very well.  And you write well, so I think you should certainly be able to make a career as a writer…Your Norm Mudlord (the names are good) reminded me of our Rush Limbaugh, and I liked how you had the characters criticize others while engaging in the very behaviour they were criticizing.  That’s another example of subtlety, and something you can build on…
Dr John Wilson (no relation)
Associate Professor English, English Department, Lock Haven University, Pennsylvania, USA

While the story depicts a people comfortable in their sin, there is something beneath the surface which communicates to the reader how very disordered the whole sequence of events is. It is in the absurd hypocrisy and the seeming inability of the various characters to connect the dots, as it were, between their own failings and the supposed failings of the Church that resounds with a message wholly at variance with the gross abominations perpetrated within. And this is—I should think—the goal of satire, to render absurd that which takes itself so very seriously…the author certainly achieves this.
Adam Mitchell Bond, Bradford, Pennsylvania USA

The disordered thinking of society with regard to sexual morality is well portrayed and the utter hypocrisy of the media cannot be missed. When confronted with honesty, sincerity and goodness in the form of people such as Father Champion they seek not only to assassinate their characters but punish them severely and eliminate them entirely from society – as if their message will go away… I hope the book is a success, though I wonder whether anyone in the media will identify themselves because, like Mudlord, they are quite comfortable with their sins and see nothing wrong with their lives until they experience a massive personal crisis…
Gai Smith, Blaxland NSW

I thought it was a really good read. I particularly liked the fast paced way you wrapped everything up at the end. The whole book actually is very tight and fast moving.
Roger Wilson, Maritime Engineer, Williamstown, Victoria

The Abortion Nurse’s Daughter: The Goddess oversees the sacrifice of the unborn I have included this link to show that some of the more shocking material in the story (e.g. The Dionysian Mysteries) is based on actual happenings.

Writer … and still in the fifties