Fifth Plenary Council of Austalia

A plenary council in the Catholic Church is at the pinnacle of the Church’s assemblies. Australia held its last plenary council in 1937. The Catholic Church in Australia, presumably via the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ACBC), has announced a plenary council to take place with assemblies in 2021 and 2022. This is a major happening in Australia.

I predict the Plenary Council 2020 will be an all-out assault by the Catholic left to gain absolute control of the Church. As with Vatican II and the recent synods on the family and the Amazon, the council will be a political contest with traditionalists defending the Church of the centuries against the misrepresentations, manoeuvrings, manipulations, and name-calling of the left.

This page will provide links to commentaries and news about the council. I have marked comments and articles I find important or indicative of my view thus: ***

The slogan for the council is ‘Listening to what the Spirit is saying…’ The spirit in this case is the spirit of the minds of the Catholic left who aim to merge state and church according to a feminist/Marxist model. Of course, the aim is cloaked in a great deal of rhetorical waffle that sounds Catholic.

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CathNews – Approaching first assembly ‘with a sense of anticipation’, 28 September 2021

In Plenary Council, Australians search for ‘a new way of living as church’ | Crux Now, Crux report – tells how it all started

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Q & A with Sr. Nathalie Becquart: Upcoming synod could ‘turn a clerical church into a synodal church’ | Global Sisters Report, ‘Sister’ Becquart is one of the important architects in the ‘Synodal Church’ which will replace the Traditional Church, the Church that ‘Sister’ calls the clerical church. This is an extremely important interview for understanding the processes underway at the head of which stands Pope Francis who increasingly looks like an apostate. The evidence is there and it is hard to refute. See the ‘Continuing Journey’ below. Nathalie Becquart gives herself a religious title, but it is a pretence. In reality she is a non-negotiating political player who will not stop until Ms Pope is installed in the Vatican.

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Seminarians urged to call on gifts among the faithful ( ‘Discernment’, in accordance with Instrumentum Laboris, plays a key role in this ‘call on gifts’.

CONTINUING THE JOURNEY: Instrumentum Laboris***
In this document, we find a full program for the subversion of the Traditional Church and its replacement by the Bergoglio femnist Church – the church of Mother Earth. We find all nauseating rhetoric of the church of the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’. ‘Discernment’ is the key word under which everything is up for grabs – female ordination, marriage, divorce, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, contraception, abortion, etc. etc. The pagan spirit of Pachamama will fill the assemblies.

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