Peter Saunders called Cardinal Pell a ‘sociopath’ but supported a liar and fantasist

Peter Saunders, forced to resign as head of Britain’s leading charity for survivors of child sexual abuse, was among the first to support liar and fantasist Carl Beech who brought concocted, difficult-to-believe charges against prominent British figures. Beech was convicted for perverting the course of justice and sentenced to 18 years jail. The Beech case has stunning parallels with the Pell case in Victoria. The Pell case has stunning parallels with the Newsweek report: Catholic Guilt? The lying, scheming altar boy behind a lurid rape case. A postscript: Saunders was himself arrested for the abuse of a woman abused as a minor. See below.

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Carl Beech and his enablers in Sp!ked begins thus:

Well, it’s over. What should be seen as one of the most significant criminal prosecutions of the decade has finally ended with the conviction of Carl Beech, aka ‘Nick’, on 12 charges of perverting the course of justice and one charge of fraud. He has been found guilty as charged by a jury of his peers and now faces the prospect of what should be a very substantial prison sentence, given the seriousness of his vile offences…

But it is also important to point out that Beech (and others of his ilk) has been enabled by police officers, who were far too ready to believe even the most bizarre of his allegations. Who can forget the Met’s detective superintendent Kenny McDonald proclaiming to the world in December 2014 that, ‘Nick [the police’s pseudonym for Beech] has been spoken to by experienced officers from the child-abuse team and from the murder-investigation team and they and I believe that what Nick is saying is credible and true’.

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A Note on Carl Beech, Peter Saunders and NAPAC. Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute is quoted as saying:

[Saunders] will be familiar to Australians who followed the conviction of Cardinal George Pell for historical child sexual abuse. Saunders has appeared on 60 Minutes and ABC TV’S 7.30 to discuss the Pell case. He got wide publicity for describing Pell, who he has never met, as a “sociopath”.

It turns out that Saunders ­assisted Beech in advancing his claims against [Edward] Heath, [Leon] Brittan and the like. In October 2015, Saunders appeared on a BBC Panorama program and described Beech as “entirely credible”. In short, ­Saunders was convinced that Beech was telling the truth.

Not any more. On July 23, Saunders was quoted in The Guardian as describing Beech as “a fantasist and a liar” who is a “one-off”. But he provided no evidence to support the implication of his claim that there are no other such types around.

Also, Saunders provided no ­explanation, still less an apology, for being conned by Beech.

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Peter Saunders is reported in the Guardian as saying: ‘He [Beech] has done a great deal of damage, there’s no question of that, but like many abusers he was and is clearly cunning, manipulative, plausible.’ The allusion is irresistible.

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Even the Police and 60 Minutes can be Gulled on Occasion – Gerard Henderson, The Sydney Institute. An excerpt:

Mark Conrad led the reporting of Beech’s claims while working on the now defunct Exaro investig­ative news site.

In recent times, Conrad has said that a lot of his colleagues gave Beech “credibility from day one because he was educated, well-spoken (and held) a very middle-class job in the public sector”. Conrad also said that his editor, Mark Watts, told him to focus on claims of child sexual abuse.

According to Conrad, the educated middle class are more likely to tell the truth and are less likely to commit fraud than others. This is yet another example of a journ­alist who believes what he or she wants to believe.

The truth is that plausible liars come from all sections of society. Moreover, it is all but impossible to prove whether someone is telling the truth or not. And then there is the fallibility of memory — which leads to some people having clear “recollections” of events that never happened.

And then there is fraud. Beech successfully pocketed £22,000 in compensation following his false claims of historic child sexual abuse. He used some of the money to place a deposit on a new Ford Mustang.

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Currency Lad: Pick the Real Sociopath – Catallaxy Files. The article opens:

It’s mid 2015: NineFairfax, the ABCSBS and various other automatons within Australia’s media uniparty all excitedly hailed, promoted, quoted or booked child sexual abuse advocate Peter Saunders after he told 60 Minutes that Cardinal George Pell – who he had never met – was a “sociopathic” and “dangerous individual.” When the Cardinal responded to this defamation by saying he would be consulting his lawyers, the calumniating British blabbermouth declared such action “very unfortunate, very sad and very unChristian.” This cocky trolling was made even more exquisite for reporters because Saunders was a member of the Papal Child Abuse Commission.

Meanwhile, in Saunders’ native Britain, by late 2015 questions were beginning to be asked about why Operation Midland hadn’t found any evidence for the murders and rapes committed by VIPs, as reported to them by Carl “Nick” Beech (theretofore aided and abetted by the BBC). Lives were being utterly destroyed on the say-so of an accuser we now know to have been – and many of us knew to be from the start – a demented lunatic. But there was one man who came to the defence of Beech. It was none other than Peter Saunders. Not only did he unqualifiedly defend “Nick,” he seriously undermined real victims of actual sexual abuse by asserting that the phony VIP paedophile ‘victims’ (like “Nick” himself) simply muddled their (invented) stories when they spoke to police…

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The Times’ article, Abuse charity chief Peter Saunders had sex with ‘victim’ began its report as follows:

The founder of Britain’s leading charity for survivors of child sexual abuse had a sexual encounter with a woman he knew had allegedly been abused, it emerged yesterday.

Peter Saunders stepped down from the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse, the investigation into sexual abuse in schools, churches and other institutions, after failing to declare the incident, The Mail on Sunday reported.

The former teacher, who founded the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, first saw the woman in 2008 after she gave an interview talking about the abuse she endured as a child.

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The Mail on Sunday, 20 August 2019, reported under the heading, Charity Chief quits sex abuse inquiry over drunken tryst with ex-victim:

‘The head of Britain’s leading charity for survivors of child sexual abuse had a sordid sexual encounter in a restaurant toilet with a woman he knew had been abused as a youngster, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

‘Peter Saunders, who founded the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, was arrested after the encounter, which happened during an alcohol-fuelled lunch paid for on the charity’s credit card…’ (See PressReader)