New 2017 paperback edition of The Castle of Heavenly Bliss

In 2014, I undertook an intensive style and structural revision for the ebook edition of the Castle of Heavenly Bliss. Except for a small but important adjustment to the character of Estella in the final chapters and additional material to bring the story more into line with In This Vale of Tears, there has been no change to the story.

The minor adjustment to Estella was to bring out character traits established in the previous chapters whose consequences did not emerge clearly enough in those final chapters. Otherwise, I set about trimming the text and correcting faults of style as pointed out by reviewers and readers who were otherwise generous in their praise (see reviews and reader comments).

In this new 2017 paperback edition, I have once again aimed at trimming the text wherever it seemed to interrupt the flow of narrative. I am confident the revisions present a far more polished and consistent story leading into In This Vale of Tears, the second book in what will now be at least a three-part series.

The release of the new 2017 edition is planned for June 2017.