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The author traces former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s political development from school through to the end of his time at Sydney University (1962-1980). A contemporary of Abbott’s and sharing a similar background, the author draws on his experiences and reactions to the tumultuous times of the 1960s and 1970s in addition to the documentary research. The book is in four parts: the school years and the 1960s revolution; student radicalism at Sydney University 1973-1975, the prelude to Abbott’s arrival on campus; Abbott’s engagement with the far left (1976-1980): and Tony Abbott and the media. EBOOK RELEASED NOVEMBER 2018. More information here.


2019 Revised and reorganised series Edition

Gerda Vrouwendijk in disguise as teacher Edith Bicknell shows a keen interest in student Estella Winterbine, an interest only old-school Miss Barker and the local priest see. Despite Miss Barker’s and Fr van Engelen’s efforts to head off possible danger, Estella goes missing. With Gerda’s motivations still a mystery, former SAS officer Geoff Shawcross sets off in pursuit across the world.
The background is the 1960s social upheaval and the revival of ancient Gnosticism . More information here



2019 Revised and reorganised series edition

Two young women enter a convent to dedicate themselves to the service of others. They submit to the rigours of religious formation, but it is not the demands of their training that disturb their ambitions. There is conflict and dissonant attitudes around them. They find themselves struggling with an evil spirit that seems to infect the convent community. The background is the 1960s social upheaval and the revival of ancient Gnosticism . This is the second book in the Winterbine Tetralogy. More information here.



Released August 2017

THE NOVEL satirises the way the media, big firm lawyers and sundry activists deal with clerical sexual abuse. It is a tale of outrageous hypocrisy that will sometimes make you laugh, sometimes cringe, and sometimes leave you appalled, but will always be ‘glittering’ in its satire, as one reviewer put it.

No characters or events in the story represent real people and real events. The characters and events of the story are totally fictitious, the fruit of the author’s imagination.
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The author undertakes a journey with his ancestors through Australia’s colonial history – a history that hardly has its equal. He traces the cultural continuities of Australian society and shows where his ancestors fitted in. An important part of the story is the indispensable role the convicts played in establishing the Australian nation. Nine convict ancestors are found in the author’s line. More information here.





A Novel

Book One of the Winterbine Tetralogy.
Fr Jos van Engelen, a Dutch missionary priest stationed in New Guinea, is recalled to Holland in March 1940 to help the order’s Superior-General in combating suspected subversion within the order. At the German invasion of Holland, he is drawn into dangerous covert operations against the Nazis which results in the execution of close collaborators. While in Amsterdam, he saves a young woman and her baby from being crushed in a stampede. It’s the start of a relationship with the young woman and a deadly tussle with her occultist husband. At the same time, he enters into a running conflict with the same subversive elements within his order. The conflict comes to a head during the Second Vatican Council, the result of which is his expulsion to Binawarra, a small country town in Australia. In a parallel plot, Anneke van Engelen, the priest’s niece, goes astray during the student radicalism of the 1960s with disastrous consequences. Fr van Engelen and Anneke van Engelen feature in THE CASTLE OF HEAVENLY BLISS, book three of the Winterbine tetralogy.

The ‘Goddess’, neo-paganism, the occult and Gnosticism are introduced as the themes of the Winterbine series. The ideological conflicts of the 1960s and 1970s form the background.

Publication December 2019
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A novel

Mabel Winston is the non-fiction Publishing Director in an international publishing house. She is confident, stylish, hardworking, a little aloof, but appealing. Her personal relationships begin to fall apart when she meets up with Raf Donnelly whom she has not seen for some years. Raf and his twin sister Rebecca were close neighbours.  Rebecca was always sweet and affectionate, but Raf was sometimes like a caged animal for reasons she could never fathom.  More information HERE. Manuscript ready late 2020

The writing is far advanced for a novel that the author attends to in spurts (see my bio page).

The cover a temporary mock-up. The Pump Room in Bath features in the story.


The Wilson Family History series:

Book 1: 1788-1900 – Prison Hulk to Redemption pub. Jan 2016
Book 2: 1901-1945 – War Depression War due 2020. Info. here
Book 3: 1946-1953 – Me ‘n’ Pete no pub. date.  Info. here
Book 4: 1954-1958 – Billycarts & Two-Wheelers  no pub. date.
Cover mock-up.
Much of the three unpublished titles has already been written, the text being from the original family history  title From Prison Hulk to Three bedroom House (now superseded). The text will be expanded with more detail and spread over the three periods.


Out-of-print titles:

The Media of the Republic
Gerard Charles (Wilson)
More information here
The Telecard Affair:
Diary of a Media Lynching
Gerard Charles (Wilson)
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