Men’s welfare victim of merciless feminist ideology

A recent article in The Australian newspaper had the headline MEN’S WELFARE AT THE MERCY OF FEMINIST IDEOLOGY. True that it is, a more accurate headline could have been MEN’S WELFARE VICTIM OF MERCILESS FEMINIST IDEOLOGY.

For most feminists, men are of no account in the furthering of their ideological goals. And for a few of psychopathic mentality, no cruelty in dealing with men is enough. That Australian article opened with the following paragraph:

“According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, our male suicide rate is overall three to four times higher than the female rate, and mainly involves men in mid-life. These are the major predictive facts about suicide: being male; being divorced, widowed or separated; living alone; being unemployed.”

One could add: being the victim of Australia’s Family Law Act, a legal instrument composed by feminists and agreed to by emasculated men.

Instead of falling into a state of depression, men have to do what the Left has always done: organize. For example, with policies that openly discriminate against men in work, it must be that all bets are off.

If laws are explictily disciminatory against men, in favour of women, men must apply their ingenuity to work out ways to get around the law. Men are now a long way behind, but a start must be made.

Those men in a position to act on behalf of men must act – or bear the contempt of their fellows for their cowardice.