If it were Cardinal pell in such a compromising position…

The ‘heart-on-her-sleeve’ Louise Milligan poses with Melbourne Magistrate Belinda Wallington who subsequently sent Pell to a Supreme Court trial after a committal at which Milligan testified. This chummy photo was taken after both appeared on Jon Faine’s ABC radio program. Faine is not known for his impartiality towards Cardinal Pell or the Catholic Church.

The photo is a selection of illustrations and photos to demonstrate the bigotry that turns Pell-haters inside out.

One thought on “If it were Cardinal pell in such a compromising position…”

  1. Too kind to Faine. After the arson attack on the church at Brighton, he came out openly advocating it. There are still at last 14 unsolved arson attacks on churches (not just Catholic) in and around Melbourne in recent years, of which the Victorian Police Farce has solved only one – by a serial arsonist who was silly enough to set fire to a police station.

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