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Revised 2019

THE NOVEL satirises the way the media, big firm lawyers and sundry activists deal with clerical sexual abuse. It is a tale of outrageous hypocrisy that will sometimes make you laugh, sometimes cringe, and sometimes leave you appalled, but will always be ‘glittering’ in its satire, as one reviewer put it.

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A Novel

Book One of a new five book series
Fr Jos van Engelen, a Dutch missionary priest, is recalled to Holland at the outbreak of World War II to battle suspected subversive elements within his order. He is drawn into covert operations by British intelligence during which he is betrayed. At the end of the war, circumstances bring him into contact with Truus van den Donker and her occultist husband. It’s the beginning of a lasting relationship with Truus and a struggle with the occultist husband and their daughter Gerda. The conflict within his order continues in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. Tentative series title: The Conciliar Series.

Manuscript – advanced draft completed June 2020.

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