Feminism and man-hatred – where we’re at

It began with a few determined women some years ago. In Australia we had Bettina Arndt who was the first to take up the cause. Commentators like Sydney Watson, Janet Albrechtsen, and Daisy Cousens came up behind her. Overseas female academics like Camille Paglia and Janice Fiamengo not only turned away from feminism but began campaigning against it – against the naked push for power and the man-hatred it inspired.

Now we have many female commentators and bloggers taking up the battle against the hateful ideology that feminism is and always was.

One of the most influential youtubers of recent years is Pearl Davis whose channel is ‘Pearl’. Pearl has a style of her own. Her videos are often long – extending to two hours, but that are as gripping as they are long. Below is her interview with (former) professor Janice Fiamengo, one of the most articulate and knowledgeable of the anti-feminist commentators. I urge viewers (particularly men) to listen to at least the first 30 minutes during which Janice gives an accurate summary of feminism and feminist activists.