The Literary Club Burke in the forground

The meetings of The Edmund Burke Society:

The next meeting to be advised.

The general theme of this year’s meetings is Marxism and its offshoots (postmodernism, identity politics, gender theory) compared with Burke’s philosophy.

– The meetings will be in seminar format.
– Handouts with discussion points will be handed to each seminar attendee.
– The seminar will proceed between the serving of drinks and food.

References for Marxism:

  • Marxism: For and Against, Robert L. Heilbroner
  • Marxism Unmasked, Ludwig von Mises
  • A Short History of Modern Philosophy, Descartes to Wittgenstein, Chapters 14 & 15, Roger Scruton

For information about the meetings, please use the Contact page or ring 0419 002 163 or email Details are on our Facebook page:

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