Descent into Hades: A Spiritual Journey

It’s January 1957. Virginia Pearson and the striking Aine O’Riordan are among a group of young women entering the convent of the Sisters of the Suffering Saviour as postulants. Strange events torment the sensitive and withdrawn Aine. Virginia tries to comfort her, but Aine’s inability to deal with the dark mysteries forces her out of the convent. With profound grief, she leaves behind her dear friend to deal with an atmosphere of foreboding that infects the life of the convent.

Former fellow postulants, Margaret McGuigan, now Sister Catherine, and Jannie de Kam, now a high fashion model, keep contact with Aine. They were Virginia’s remorseless antagonists, especially Sister Catherine, who Virginia suspects of being behind the strange events that tormented Aine. Aine does not understand their interest. Catherine and Jannie assure Aine their only concern is to encourage her to seek independence and self-fulfilment.

Jannie introduces Aine to handsome personable photographer Harry and the world of fashion modelling, assuring her this is where a brilliant future awaits her. Aine resists at first but eventually succumbs, allowing enticing Harry to take control of the promised career.

Without realizing it, Aine is led further into the dark world she thought she had left behind at the convent.

The CONCILIAR SERIES will consist of six connected but stand-alone stories. The themes of the ‘Goddess’, neo-paganism, the occult and Gnosticism are threads running through the stories.  The Second Vatican Council and the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s (1965-1975) form the background to the series. The first book in the series, TIMES OF DISTRESS, was released October 2020, The Second book, FEELINGS DIE NOT IN SILENCE was released September 2021. DESCENT INTO HADES: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, book 3 in the series, was released 27 September 2021, COUNTERCULTURE DREAMS, book 4 (tentative title), is due mid-2022.

Released 27 September 2021

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