Chris S Friel

Chris Friel is an academic living and working in Wales (UK) with a special interest in theologian Bernard Lonergan. He has subjected the Pell trial and the Pell appeal to devastating analysis frequently drawing in Louise Milligan’s book CARDINAL whose spite, arrogance and undisguised bias has fed the unrelenting persecution of Cardinal Pell. Below are his postings about the trial and the appeal. I have put the appeal before the trial because of the current focus on the wide-ranging critique of the majority opinion of Justices Ferguson and Maxwell. The Pell Affair with its implications about the state of the judiciary in Australia will never go away.

A Very Short Summary of Justice Weinberg’s Dissent

Pell vs The Queen: Abbreviation of Mark Weinberg

A Very Short Critique of Ferguson and Maxwell

Ferguson/Maxwell on Credibility (1)

Ferguson and Maxwell on Credibility (2)

The Social Media Witch-Hunt Revisited

Weinberg and the Hiatus

The Moment I Knew he would be Found Guilty

Can Belief and Doubt Co-exist?

Credibility in the Rulings

Why 1997?

From Committal to Trial in the Rulings: The Robes and the Wine

An Eighteenth Solid Obstacle

The Surprise of the Sacristy or The Parable of the Rectangle

Credible, not Reliable?

The Return of the Choristers

The Contrivance of Cardinal Pell

Putting Portelli to One Side

Writer … and still in the fifties