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The best liars are the most convincing liars

‘The High Court decision did not repudiate the former choirboy, with both Cardinal Pell’s senior counsel, Bret Walker, SC, and Victoria’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Kerri Judd, QC, agreeing in their submissions to the court that he was a credible, believable witness.’

These are words from a (5 Oct) report by Adam Cooper of Melbourne’s Age newspaper whose delirious anti-Catholic bigotry tops all others.

There are two obvious points to make about Cooper’s claim.

The first is a question of logic. It does not follow that because Bret Walker, SC, and Kerri Judd, QC, agreed that the choirboy was a ‘credible, believable witness’ that the choirboy was not lying. Cooper evidently does not see it.

Nor does it follow from this mutual agreement that the ‘High Court did not repudiate the former choirboy.’ Both assertions or premises are unconnected. This is another example of the sloppy reasoning in a hostile media that runs through all the reporting on the Pell case. Indeed, tight logical reasoning is not a priority of most Age reporters who have their political prejudices to promote.

The reasonable judgment is that because the High Court Justices did roundly uphold Cardinal Pell’s appeal 7-nil, they did in fact repudiate the former choirboy. Indeed, we can take it that behind their hands they laughed the preposterous Crown case out of court, and the choirboy with it.

Second, Cooper’s pathetic attempt, like many others, to discredit, or even nullify, the High Court decision in the minds of the public, actually works against the conclusion he wants. The more he emphasizes the ‘credibility’ of the choirboy in the face of the overwhelming evidence against his uncorroborated accusation, and in the face of the many harsh expert commentaries about the case and Victoria’s legal system around the world, the more the picture of a cunning conniving liar appears.

The best liars are the most convincing liars. Con men succeed because of their talent at projecting a trustworthy appearance. The choirboy is an outstanding liar with a proficiency and daring one cannot help finding impressive.

The problem for the choirboy is that the more outrageous the lie, the more vulnerable the liar is, and the higher the stakes become. There is a good reason he is lying low behind the protection of the Andrews’ government, and the cohort of bigots at the ABC, the Guardian, the Nine newspapers, and a dozen other struggling leftist rags.

With the news of possible bribery by Cardinal Pell’s enemies in the Vatican, our accomplished liar must now have the feeling his preposterous creation is beginning to close in on him. Nothing is surer than that in time the curtain will be drawn away to reveal who and what he really is, and what his motivations were. If I was him, I would start thinking about ways to minimize the eventual damage.

The Becciu File – Was the Cardinal framed?

Cardinal Angelo Becciu’s unprecedented sacking by Pope Francis has crucial importance for several reasons. Becciu was a second-rank official in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State – a position with power. He frustrated and blocked Cardinal Pell’s efforts to sweep the filthy financial stables of the Vatican clean. His sacking vindicates Pell’s efforts as Prefect for the Secretariat of the Economy to bring some transparency – and honesty – into Vatican finances.

The prelude to Becciu’s inglorious removal was a string of dodgy, smelly (some stinking) financial dealings. One of those shifty splashings of Vatican cash was a transfer of $800,000 to an account in Australia just when Cardinal Pell was undergoing his ordeal in Victoria’s corrupted legal system and police force. The voices talking about a framing originating in the Vatican are becoming louder. My Becciu file (a tab under Cardinal Pell section) will keep up to date with the Becciu and Pell affair.

Prominent clergy, laity issue statement exposing coronavirus plot for ‘world govt’

Right from the beginning I had severe reservations about the measures Australia was adopting to deal with the Corona virus. Most governments have adopted the same measures. As time passed, I became increasingly apprehensive about two aspects of the government’s actions.

First, Australia ran the risk of applying measures that would turn out to be much worse than the virus itself. The effects – social and economic collapse with the harm they would produce – would not be short but long term.

Second, it became obvious that the complete shutdown of society was a form of social and political control that could be exploited. There have been no objections from the left who let us know when things are not going their way. Indeed, such widespread control is the aim of all Marxist groups.

A group of high ranking Catholic clergy together with laypeople of similar rank have produced a video which verbalises my growing feelings about the present circumstances.

The curious case of (FR) Paul Bongiorno

I recently came across a link on FB to an Andrew Bolt blog post of 27 May 2016. It was about former priest and now leftist scribbler Paul Bongiorno. Bolt was writing about a post by Gerard Henderson on his Media Watch Dog that connected Bongiorno with Fr Gerald Ridsdale now in jail for multiple sexual assaults on pubescent males. It is interesting to read the post in the aftermath of the High Court’s decision on Cardinal Pell.

First, Bolt refers to a string of damaging accusations against Cardinal Pell for acts he allegedly committed when a priest in Ballarat in the 1970s. On inspection the charges turned out to be groundless. It would not deter others from having a go at pinning something on Cardinal Pell. Twenty-seven charges came before a magistrate for a committal hearing in 2018. Twenty-six were dismissed on the spot. Would it be far off base to suggest the cardinal’s enemies were breaking the 9th Commandment?

More interesting was Bongiorno’s connection with Gerald Ridsdale, namely that Fr Bongiorno shared accommodation with Ridsdale in Warrnambool. Not only that. A witness at the royal commission into child sexual abuse said he reported a nasty incidence with Ridsdale to Fr Bongiorno that went nowhere. I ask the reader to read carefully what this witness claimed and then replace the name Bongiorno with Pell. This exercise would show that a witch hunt was got up against Cardinal Pell, a hunt that went deep into the royal commission.

Why is Bongiorno not vilified as was Pell? Why is Pell the scapegoat?

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, May 27, 2016

Gerard Henderson has uncovered an astonishing case of double standards involving George Pell and Paul Bongiorno. I urge you to read it all. In summary… Attending Cardinal George Pell’s appearance in Rome before the royal commission into child sexual abuse, I was struck by how thin the evidence was against him. None of the claims against him of ignoring warnings of pedophile priests stacked up. One witness claimed he’d knocked at the door of Pell’s Ballarat presbytery one early afternoon to warn him. It turned out Pell actually lived miles away, and almost invariably worked in his college office at that time of day. Another witness claimed he’d told him in Ballarat of an abusive priest. Pell’s passport showed he was living and studying in Europe that year. Yet another witness claimed he’d heard Pell laughing as he told another priest at a memorial mass in Ballarat that notorious pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale was “rooting” boys again. Church records show no such mass took place, and the other priest said he was serving at another parish many miles away so would not have served at such a mass anyway. And on it went. Pell also denies hearing or suspecting any crimes by Ridsdale while living for a while in the same presbytery. That should not be surprising: pedophiles rarely boast of what they’ve done, and many are not just extremely secretive, but plausible. Yet many the media refused to accept Pell’s denials. On the other hand, they sure accepted those of Paul Bongiorno, the Left-wing ABC commentator and former priest, who eventually – last year – blurted this out on the ABC:

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Review Michel Houellebecq’s ‘Serotonin’

Lonely White Men: On Michel Houellebecq’s “Serotonin

By Louis Betty

FRANCE’S MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ leads something of a double career. A novelist of Prix Goncourt–winning distinction, Houellebecq is also his country’s best-selling author abroad and, on many accounts, currently its best. He is also reliably a prophet of current events: his third novel, Platform, featured an Islamist attack on a Thai sex resort and was published just days before 9/11; a later novel, Submission, which imagined France’s election of a Muslim party president, appeared the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and seemed a novelistic auger of the gruesome wave of terrorism that roiled France during the next few years. Whatever, Houellebecq’s 1994 debut novel, turned out to be equally prescient, though it took more than two decades for its prophecies to take shape. A commentary on male sexual frustration, Whatever, as the author of a New York Times essay argued in 2018, is a psychological account of involuntary celibacy and the violence that erotic isolation breeds.

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Amazon tribal chief: Liberation theology sustains primitive economy

As the Synod of Bishops from the Amazon continues to make headlines, many are curious about the contents of its forthcoming report. According to Pope Francis, the synod’s goal is “to identify new paths for the evangelization of God’s people in that region,” with a particular emphasis on the region’s indigenous people, who are “often forgotten and without the prospect of a serene future.”

Unfortunately, given the working document that’s already been released, as well as the various participants involved, many expect these “new paths” to include the Roman Catholic Church’s ongoing flirtations with liberation theology. As Kishore Jayabalan recently wrote here on the blog, “The tendency to blame capitalism for the ills of the region, the animus against a hierarchical Church, and the hopes for a socialist utopia are alive and well in the synod preparations.”

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‘A pushback against Visceral unreason’


Reviewed by Michael Gilchrist – News Weekly, 19 October 2019

Available through Amazon and Smashwords

After years of inaccurate and negative treatment of Tony Abbotts political career and image, both by the media and in assorted writings, a positive corrective is long overdue.

Many Australians accept as fact the crude caricatures and inaccuracies regarding Abbott: that he is a “wrecker”, a religious fanatic, a bully, anti-women, a far-right knuckle-dragger.

Gerard Wilson’s latest book, Tony Abbott and the Times of Revolution, will be welcomed by those who, despite all the media misinformation, continue to admire the former prime minister and parliamentarian as a thoroughly decent individual as well as a fearless, forthright champion of mainstream conservative values and the positive role of Western civilisation.

Wilson’s book comprises four sections: Abbotts school years and the 1960s cultural revolution; student radicalism at Sydney University 1973-75, the prelude to Abbott’s arrival on campus; Abbott’s pushback against the far-left monopoly of student politics, 1976-80; and the media and Abbott.

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